What Happens When You Mix Tiramisu and Grindr…

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ManAboutWorld Global Correspondent Dennis Hensley experienced a classic Rome dessert spot and a classic American hook-up app in the same day. Take it away, Dennis…

My first brush with the life-changing wonders of Grindr and Pompi happened on the same day in late 2011. Grindr, as we know, is a globe-sweeping gay hook-up app; Pompi is a dessert café in Rome whose tagline is “The Kingdom of Tiramisu.” They’re forever linked in my mind because I signed on to Grindr for the first time just before my first visit to Pompi and, embarrassingly, felt the need to share that with every guy who so much as “Ciao’d” me, typing the following: “Grazie for the offer but I’m going to Pompi with my Roman friend now on his motorcycle to get Tiramisu. He says it’s molto deliciozo.” I even copied and pasted and sent that to different people, not yet realizing that Grindr guys don’t want to know your life. They just want to know if you’re DTF.

But they should want to know about Pompi. Everyone with taste buds should want to know because this place is like a Roman orgy for your mouth. The folks at Pompi have been serving up Tiramisu since 1960 and have it down to a science. Flavors include Pistachio, Chocolate Banana, Strawberry and Pina Colada but the most popular, and my favorite, is the “Classico.” Talk about love at first bite. To get an idea of the taste sensations that await you at Pompi, check out the “baking-of” video on their website.  It’s like X-Tube for foodies.

And then there’s the atmosphere. Pompi has a retro, unpretentious, Arnold’s Diner from “Happy Days” vibe to it, with gaggles of boisterous Romans socializing in groups and spilling out onto the street. My Roman friend says it’s where the locals go to hang out, get cappuccino-d up and indulge their sweet tooth. He also described the crowd as “kind of Jersey Shore-like,” referring to the reality show that gave us Snooki and The Situation, which is more than okay by me. Jersey Shore also happens to be one of my favorite flavors.

So the next time you’re in Rome, pop into one Pompi’s four locations for tiramisu and do it early in your visit because you may want to go back for more. I went back three nights in a row until the end of my stay. And I went back again earlier this summer when I had a one-night stopover in Rome. Talk about sinful. At least I know better than to talk about on Grindr.

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