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Global Correspondent Ivan Quintanillais an actor, traveler and blogger extraordinaire. Once a week he provides a re-cap of noteworthy travel stories. We pilfer his round-up (with his permission) so you don’t have to. Follow his travels at TravelingIQ.

*You can leave your heart in San Francisco, but keep your privates to yourself.  The city’s supervisors have voted to officially ban public nudity, marking the end of an era for the City by the Bay.   Exemptions, however, are being made for Folsom Street Fair and similar festivals.   (via Huffington Post)

*Uganda plans on passing anti-gay laws carrying life imprisonment for homosexuality… wait for it… as a “Christmas gift.”  (via BBC News)

*And then a glimmer of hope on the continent:  Malawi temporarily suspends laws against same-sex relationships and orders police not to arrest gays, pending a decision on whether to repeal the legislation.  (via Reuters)

*It’s easier than ever to stay on your diet while traveling, with healthier airline meals.  (via USA Today)

*Who wants to spend the night in the pooper?  Apparently a lot of people.  Japanese contemporary artist Tatzu Nishino has transformed a public restroom in Osaka’s Nakanoshima Park into a one-room hotel–already fully booked for the duration of the installation.  (via Huffington Post)

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