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The times they are a-changin’. Start planning your fall foliage getaway now. (via NY Times). Photo:

Global Correspondent Ivan Quintanilla is an actor, traveler and blogger extraordinaire. Once a week he provides a re-cap of noteworthy travel stories. We pilfer his round-up (with his permission) so you don’t have to. Follow his travels at TravelingIQ.

*The hills are alive with the sound of “Lay ee odl lay ee odl-oo.”  Halfway between Salzburg and Innsbruck, an Austrian hotelier recently opened what might be the world’s first hiking trail devoted to the art of the yodel.  (via BBC)

*The Golden Arches ditch the beef.   The world’s first all-vegetarian McDonald’s restaurants are opening at two of India’s most-visited pilgrimage sites: near the Golden Temple in Amritsar and at the base of the mountain shrine Vaishno Devi.  (via CNN GO)

*New York City will soon be a little less sweet.  The New York City Board of Health on Thursday approved a ban on the sale of large sodas and sugary drinks over 16 ounces.  (via NY Times)

*John Travolta banned for being creepy at the New York Peninsula Hotel Spa,  Paris Hilton banned for being a cokehead at the Las Vegas Wynn… See what other celebrities have been banned from top hotels.  (via Travel & Leisure)

*The times they are a-changin’.  Start planning your fall foliage getaway now.  (via NY Times)

*Flying can be a prickly experience.  A gay couple is suing United Continental Airlines for taking a sex toy from their bag, covering it in a “greasy foul-smelling substance” and taping the dildo to the top of their bag… to be discovered by all at baggage claim.  (via NBC News)

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