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As part of our commitment to fostering dialong and engaging our members in the advancement of gay rights for our brothers and sisters all over the world, we have partnered with the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IHLHRC).

Join Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin, NY City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, me and editor in chief Ed Salvato at A Celebration of Courage, IGLHRC’s 2012 Human Rights Awards in New York City July 16th.

ManAboutWorld is proudly sponsoring the travel raffle, with great prizes, including:

Two nights at the luxurious Hôtel Le Germain Maple Leaf Square, two round-trip tickets (Newark-Toronto) on the glamorous Porter Airlines with direct service to downtown Toronto and two Toronto CityPASS booklets, which is one of the best ways to “SeeTorontoNow.”

Las Vegas
Two night at the fabulous Wynn Las Vegas or Encore Las Vegas and two VIP tickets to Le Rêve – The Dream.

Ft. Lauderdale
Two nights at the lovely Grand Resort and Spa, plus two Greater Fort Lauderdale VIP Passes.

Two nights at the centrally located Prince Albert Guest House.

New York
Private group tour of Metropolitan Museum of Art for up to six people on a Monday when the MET is closed to the public. The tour is led by a Museum Producer.

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  1. Aditiya

    One thing all these comments show is that cmniog out is a quite variable experience. It does depend a lot on the person, the situation and the others to whom he comes out.Many have a good experience and receive affirmation and support. Some have a very bad experience. Recent research shows that 50% of Americans aged 18 and over agree that Homosexuality should be accepted by society. Acceptance does vary by age or generation. Among those 18-29, almost one-third (63%) agree with the statement. There is less support among older generations: 30-49, 51%; those 50-64, 48%; those 65+, 35%. I think it’s pretty good that just over one-third of OLD people accept the legitimacy of homosexuality.One of the more surprising findings for some people is that among traditional Christian groups, Catholics are the most accepting of the idea that homosexuality should be accepted by society. Over half (58%) of all Catholics and a whopping 72% of young Catholics accept the idea of the legitimacy of homosexuality. For other Christian groups the respective percentages are: Mainline White Protestants: 56%, 69%. For Black Protestants: 39%, 51%. for Evangelical Christians: 26%, 39%. Besides Catholic acceptance two other noteworthy findings: Young Blacks are much more accepting than their older generations, and, even Evangelical youth are increasingly more tolerant/accepting of homosexuality.These results show that young people have a much better climate in which to come out. Yea!!!But I’m still concerned about those in junior high and high school. So many (not just gays) are confused about a lot of things, not just sexual orientation or behavior. These years can be very difficult. There are all kinds of competitions during junior hi and high school.I have worked diligently for anti-bullying laws: the Matthew Shepherd Law at the Federal level and a new, expanded anti-bulling law here in NC,because of severe bullying og gays or those other kids perceive as being gay. Along with other minorities gays are frequently harassed, bullied, or beaten up just because they are gay. Some are driven to suicide.These young people should stand tall about their orientation. But they, more so than college students and other adult gays, must be circumspect about the decisions they make and the public ramifications of their decisions to come out.They, more than adults, require and deserve greater support and love. I long for the day, and will work tirelessly, that whenever we come out as gay, it will truly be no more exceptional than announcing that we are left-handed.BTW, I AM left-handed and you might be surprised that southpaws are teased, made fun of and must fit into a right-handed world.

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