Thinking of Cecil: Empire State Building Illuminates Plight of Endangered Species

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Cecil, the beloved lion of Zimbabwe, ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

Cecil, the beloved lion of Zimbabwe

Can’t help but think of Cecil. This Saturday, “filmmaker and photographer Louie Psihoyos, will project digital light images of endangered species onto the building in an art event meant to draw attention to the creatures’ plight and possibly provide footage for a coming documentary,” said The New York Times. The light show is this Saturday night, from 9pm-12am, on southern facade of Empire State Building.

We were so saddened to learn about the death of Cecil, the beloved, 13-year-old lion famous to visitors of the Hwange National Park in western. Cecil was allegedly killed by a Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer, who is said to have paid $55,000 to hunt the animal. Reports say Cecil was found skinned and beheaded after the hunt.

Palmer has since incurred a whirlwind of Internet backlash, threatening Tweets, negative Yelp reviews, and protests outside his dental practice, which he has closed for a number of days. While we don’t support internet shaming; we do support conservation; this dentist’s action seem questionable but in some instances legal trophy hunting helps preserve endangered animals.

Those interested in learning more about human beings contribution to the extinction of endangered species, we recommend the Pulitzer Prize -winning book “The Sixth Extinction,” by Elizabeth Kolbert.

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