The Curious Case of London Pride

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Well, from this angle it doesn't look *that* bad!

Well, from this angle it doesn’t look *that* bad!

Our man in the field, London resident and ManAboutWorld Global Correspondent Ben Rossignol was disappointed with last year’s Gay Pride celebration in the United Kingdom’s capital city. He’s hoping this year’s (scheduled for June 23 to July 1 with more information at London Pride) improves. In his words:

About 3 million LGBT’s call London home, making it Europe’s biggest gay town. With such a vibrant population, one would think London Pride would be the highlight of Pride month in Europe. However, year after year, Londoners flee to nearby capitals on Pride weekend, resulting in average numbers and disappointing events. Did the London gays already party enough in their city all year long? Is the UK weather to blame once again?

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Here’s Ben:


While these are probably aggravating factors, Pride in London seems to suffer from a classic case of ‘too many cooks in the kitchen’. Organizers have typically struggled with representing the countless local groups, while trying to produce a fun event, attract corporate sponsors and comply with the strict police requirements. The combination of all those factors resulted in national embarrassment last year, when most of the World Pride events were cancelled or downscaled.

But this year, a new planning committee has been formed with the task of producing the set of coherent events. The Pride march on Regent Street (with floats, this time) and the music stage in Trafalgar square are back, while an existing festival in Shoreditch, featuring London’s major Dj’s, was moved to coincide with Pride day. All eyes will be on London Saturday June 27, for what will hopefully be the first step in rekindling its Pride spirit.

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  1. Haven

    Carter, Ammon, Sean, and I enjoyed London’s hosting of World Pride 2012. Thanks for the pics.

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