Epic, Affordable, Exotic Thailand: Here Are 5 (of Many) Tips For Planning the Perfect Trip

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Gold Statue

We love Thailand. And with it near or at the top of the world’s most visited destinations, we’re not alone. But for gays Thailand has long held a special place, with its sincere welcome and enormous tolerance for all — regardless of sexual orientation or gender expression.

ManAboutWorld’s new guide to Thailand—available for free in the ManAboutWorld app on the App Store, in Google Play and as a PDF — is an expert-sourced, exhaustive look into the Land of Smiles – from the cities, to the rural northern countryside, to the stunning southern beaches. It delves into every facet of traveling, from suggested itineraries, transportation advice, where to eat and sleep, and even how to get laid.

Here’s a little taste of what you can expect. To read the full guide download the app or the PDF. And yes there’s more!

Fire juggler in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine; meet him in Thailand using one of our Thailand gay travel experts

Fire juggler

Gay Thailand

Thailand gay scene is known throughout the world, a welcoming, often naughty network that thrives in its major cities and beach communities. In Bangkok, Silom is the ‘hood you want , with the two main party streets, Soi 2 with its discos and clubs and Soi 4 with its bars and restaurants, Silom is considered the main gay area of Bangkok.

Affordable Luxury

For most visitors Thai luxury is a bargain. Most luxury hotels, restaurants and experiences cost 30-60% less here than they do in other popular tourist destinations. While many of these experiences are still a relative splurge for most travelers, your splurge dollars go much farther here.

Legendary Hotels

Bangkok’s hotels are legendary, with many appearing on lists of the world’s best year after year. At every price point, you can expect superior service and genuine hospitality. In the luxury strata, expect to be wowed. You’ll find all of the international brands, styles ranging from traditional Thai to cutting-edge modern, and good options all over the city.

When To Go

Monks in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine; meet them in Thailand using one of our Thailand gay travel expertsGetting to know Thailand can be tricky, and you’ll need an expert who’s been to help you figure out when to go, why to go, which beaches to visit when, when to strip down for a gay circuit party, and when to skip it. The country has events and festivals throughout the year (Songkran and G Circuit are two favorites) and some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, if you go at the right time. We also feature an in-depth transportation advice, how to use airline points, plus our expert approved apps and online resources to help you navigate the country.


Thailand’s beaches are located on two primary bodies of water: the Andaman Sea to the west of Thailand and the Gulf of Thailand to the east. Choosing between them is mostly a question of when the rains fall — for the best weather, avoid the Gulf of Thailand resorts like Koh Samui from September through December, and avoid Andaman Sea resorts like Phuket and Krabi from April through October. If you do travel in the rainy season, expect deep discounts and typical tropical rain patterns: hard rain for an hour or two, followed by sun. For diving and snorkeling, it’s a little more disruptive — the rain and runoff often create longer-lasting suboptimal conditions.

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