Taipei: Two Gay Steps Forward, One Gay Step Back

By @ 01/12/15 in Gay travel, ManAboutWorld, Taipei, Travel
How quickly things change. We listed Taipei as one of the 15 Gay Places to go in 2015 because it’s the new gay capital of Asia. We’ve come to know city as an Asian leader of tolerance, of progressive thought and freedom, so the recent police harassment experienced by attendees of gay New Years parties has left us confused and disheartened. A trusted friend of ours reported that “at three separate gay nightclub events, every patron was placed under suspicion and detained for hours with little reasonable cause.” He said the outcome was a vow to not return, though we hope the opposite is true and we are hopeful for a more tolerant future for what should be Asia’s LGBT trailblazer.  And a caution to us all that LGBT progress in conservative cultures is often a bumpy road. In happier Asia news, Vietnam abolished its ban on gay marriage!!!!!  
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  1. Galvan

    Any change that is brought to the light of public knowledge is great for a movement in civil rights. There is always a step back, but it gives us the opportunity to takes 2 more steps forward! Thanks for sharing this message.

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