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As featured in ManAboutWorld, the gay travel magazine

Beignets and coffee at the famous Cafe du Monde

Join us on Tuesday, November 15 at 1pm ET for a delicious New Orleans Twitter Chat via #EatNola. This is a great time to head to New Orleans. The “Crescent City is an extraordinary city with truly hospitable people, great culture, fantastic lodging and such amazing food. It’s even tastier during the holiday season when you experience a fantastic food festival you’ve probably never heard of Reveillon.

We’ll talk about Reveillon dinners and hear from some of the leading chefs, restaurateurs and foodies in Nola and beyond. Join us on Tuesday,  November 15 at 1pm ET via #EatNola!

To get a taste of New Orleans now, download the free New Orleans guide by accessing ManAboutWorld for iOS or Android devices and checking the library of free (and paid) guides.

ManAboutWorld has information on many more destinations around the world! 

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Matt & Beau in ManAboutWorld's New Orleans GuideManAboutWorld’s brand new New Orleans Guide is available for download. You’ll find our take on Crescent City but we also turn to locals, including Beau Ciolino and Matt Armato, a Nola couple who launched their food-focused lifestyle blog, Probably This in 2015. The blog is filled with stunning photography, educating you on how to create delicious treats like Shaken Iced Almond Matcha Latte. Subscribe to ManAboutWorld for your free guide to the Big Easy to read more about Beau and Matt, New Orleans and gay-friendly destinations around the globe. Follow Matt and Beau as they document their lives in New Orleans on our Instagram @probablythis and take note of their top recommendations in New Orleans.

CocktailsHands down, Cane and Table is the best place to grab drinks. They have a friendly and knowledgeable staff, a gorgeous French Quarter courtyard, and some delicious snacks as an added bonus. Their focus is tiki cocktails, which are generally great boozy refreshments on a hot New Orleans summer day, or really just any hot day since they pretty much happen all year.

HotelWe’ve never stayed in a hotel in this city, but the Ace Hotel New Orleans just opened recently, and it’s cute af.  We can very highly recommend the rooftop pool along with the accompanying cabana bar Alto; and the house restaurant Josephine Estelle is incredible. We’ve heard they leave you a fresh bag of Zapp’s chips in every room.

New Orelans guide

From the New Orleans guide

BrunchThe courtyard at Sylvain is just flawless, and there is no better spot to grab hearty, filling, Southern-style brunch. Plus, their cocktail game is one of the best in the city. Definitely try the pork shoulder and grits. For drinks, try an Orange Lazarus Spritz or one of their amazing house-made Bloody Mary’s.

Sunday/FundayWe have to go classic with this one; the Country Club is a Bywater restaurant/bar/pool, and yes that was pool. It used to be a clothing-optional situation which was sometimes fun and sometimes weird. Anyway, you can still go for drag brunch and then head on back to the cabana bar for something to drink while you soak up that Sunday sun.

OutdoorCrescent Park is a lovely outdoor space in a gorgeous new development in the Bywater that runs along the riverfront and has great views of the city skyline. It’s a convenient and scenic spot for a short bike ride, a run, or a picnic. There’s also a small dog run which our little dude Fox “swipes right” for.

Hidden GemLocated in Esplanade Ridge, 1000 Figs is the cutest café we’ve ever feasted our eyes upon, and its menu is full of delicious Mediterranean classics. It’s the most Instagram-ready little room ever, and it’s VERY little. You simply cannot leave this place without trying the smoked chicken salad sandwich and the falafel platter.

More ManAboutWorld & New Orleans Guide
Check out ManAboutWorld’s New Orleans guide with a free subscription


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Sylvains, New Orleans, ManAboutWorld gay travel guide

New Orleans teems with gay boys from all around the country: some come to party, some to meet new friends, and some to fall in love. And while the French Quarter may be crazed with parties and celebrations, the rest of the city swells with love and romance. Our friends at asked us to share some of our favorite romantic places, since there’s no better backdrop for romance than NOLA. Sultry, scenic, and sexy, there’s no city where courtly gestures and couple moments come as naturally or frequently. It’s not as if anyone needs an itinerary for love here, but we want to make sure the logistics don’t get in the way. 

For some artsy, daytime romance, get an early start and head uptown to Morning Call Coffee Stand, an adorable little coffee shop where you and your boyfriend can enjoy authentic beignets and cafe au lait with views overlooking the green and beautiful City Park. Once you’re fueled up, it’s just a quick stroll through the park, around the New Orleans Museum of Art, and into the adjacent Sculpture Garden, a treasure of world class sculptures, each of them landscaped, placed, and named, and the area’s aura brought to life with romantic bridges, hidden groves, massive trees, colorful flower patches, and stunning Iris specimens. (We especially enjoyed the giant Mardi Gras beads in the branches of one tree.) The garden is free and an idyllic landscape to walk hand-in-hand enjoying thought-provoking, engaging works of art. There is no food allowed in the park.

Bourbon Street, New Orleans, ManAboutWorld gay travel guide

It could be argued that Bacchanal Wine is the quintessential date spot in all of New Orleans. A local favorite, you’ll see this cute backyard space on the edges of the Bywater on the corner to an industrial canal.  Lit with Christmas lights and warmed with a fire pit, live music, and the chatter of locals, we love the casual romantic vibe. Buy a bottle of wine and take it into the backyard, snag a table (if you can!) order some delicious food, and enjoy a cool New Orleans evening. Simple, classic, romantic. Sometimes it’s the little things.

For something a bit more elegant, treat your beau to a glimpse of old-world New Orleans, where the European influences bring a certain magic and charm. Begin your evening with a romantic dinner at the quaint Cafe Degas, an intimate French country bistro named after the impressionist Edgar Degas who briefly lived nearby. After dinner, take a quick Uber ride up Esplanade Avenue to City Park, where you’ll surprise him with Champagne and a Venetian gondola ride with Nola Gondola through the gorgeous park. Be sure to stop briefly under the bridge to write your names along with the other lovers who have passed through. 

For more information on New Orleans, download the ManAboutWorld app in iTunes and GooglePlay.




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Southern Decadence, New Orleans, ManAboutWorld gay travel magazineOk, so you just missed Southern Decadence, which unspooled in New Orleans over the Labor Day weekend.See what you missed here. But there are three more reasons to put NoLa on your travel to-do list before the end of the year.

Halloween LGBT Style
October 29-November 1, 2015
For over 30 years, Halloween in New Orleans has been a huge success and a major part of the city’s LGBT community. Once again this year, the French Quarter’s LGBT scene will be out in full regalia for an extended weekend. With four days of thrilling events, you can join the fun at any time.

Faux Real Festival
November 4-22, 2015
Formerly known as the New Orleans Fringe Festival, Faux/ Real Fest celebrates performing arts for three weeks of entertainment. This year’s theme is “Something New,” and tons of performers are gearing up to showcase their best talent.

Christmas New Orleans style
Visitors to New Orleans during the Holiday Season may want to sample an old Crescent City tradition that dates back to the early 19th century. It is called a Reveillon Dinner and there is the story behind it. In French, New Orleans’ original language, the word “reveillon” means “awakening.” The Creoles, some of the city’s earliest inhabitants, celebrated the start of Christmas in the early 1800s, with a big family meal when they returned home from midnight mass. Click here for more information.

Photo: Egoiste via Flickr

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15We look toward this New Year with new ambitions and new journeys that beckon us. Fifteen of them, actually on our annual list: The 15 Gay Places To Go In 2015.  The places themselves aren’t gay (one of them still criminalizes homosexuality!) but if you are, this is the ultimate guide to the important, interesting and surprising destinations for the next twelve months. In the current issue, we’ll introduce you to the people, places and things you should know before booking any of them. Are you going? Have you been? Can you match the photos to the list of 15 gay places to go?

Washington, DC
New Orleans
Buenos Aires
St. Augustine, FL
Palm Springs

Continue to the full post to see the matches, and learn one good reason (among many) why each place is on our list of 15 gay places to go in 2015.

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Drink and Click™ Austin, Texas Visits The Bat Cave

Mississippi is currently trying to pass a Senate bill that would allow business owners to openly discriminate against gays. The bill, better known as “Mississippi Religious Freedom Restoration Act” had us wondering who the hell would want to visit Mississippi anyway when the American South is packed full of the country’s most exciting and beautiful cities.

So in honor of this preposterous, soon to be vetoed bill, we decided to name our top 5 favorite southern destinations that are not Mississippi.

1. Austin, TX

We covered Austin in our March 2013 issue, and for gays, it remains the mecca of the south. Tons of fun bars, clubs, nightlife, and culture have defined this weird city full of cute cowboys and eccentric charm

2. New Orleans, LA

You don’t need much convincing to visit New Orleans – this charming, crazy, up-all-night city is unlike any other in America; from its scenic bayous to its emerging food scene, NOLA is a national trendsetter, and its acceptance of gay rights is no exception. You can find our insider’s guide to New Orleans in our Oct 2012 issue.

3. Atlanta, GA

Atlanta is a liberal blue island in an otherwise mostly red conservative state. There’s a vibrant, approachable gay scene here filled with queer refugees from the entire region. You’ll find lots of LGBT venues to enjoy, (the best of which  you can find in our Sept. 2013 issue) with the only drawback being the driving distances between the most popular venues. And the food; my God, the food.

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