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Cincinnati, OhioCincinnati, also known as “Queen City,” is the jewel of the midwest. In just over 10 years the area has flipped homeless parks and crumbling architecture into modish neighborhoods while simultaneously becoming one of the most inclusive cities in America with a score of 100 in the Human Rights Campaign municipal equality index.

The city has a peppy food, craft beer, and cocktail scene that compliments their vivid arts sphere which hosts three museums and over one hundred murals scattered amongst the historic brick buildings. Most surprising is the city’s role in the LGBTQ historical frontier with its controversial Mapplethorpe obscenity trial in 1990 that bushwhacked the way for Jim Obergefell, a local, to lead us to marriage equality in the landmark Supreme Court case in 2015. If you’re not impressed in your first hours in Cincinnati wait until you meet the locals, they’ll persuade you.

Where we stay

Look into two locations: Downtown and Over-the-Rhine. Both are close to major attractions and are lively, walking friendly neighborhoods.

Cincinnati’s most unique downtown hotel is the 21c Museum Hotel. The entire hotel is a provocative modern art gallery dedicated solely to works of the 21rst century. The lobby has lofted white walls with art displays of multiple mediums. Exhibits change every sixth months and have featured works by artists John Waters, Kara Walker, and Nick Brandt. The four-star hotel rooms contain quirky features like 3D shower tiles of body parts, purple telephones, and donkey graphic pillows.

Over-the-Rhine hosts a wide array of apartments and townhouses available on Airbnb. The transforming neighborhood looks like old Brooklyn complete with four to five story brick buildings with beautiful fire escapes which locals lounge on during warm mid-summer evenings while others amble to quality restaurants and bars below them. Airbnbs are a steal in the area and most have been freshly renovated in the past five years.

Where we eat

Serious gourmands should visit Cincinnati in May for the annual Tastes of Cincinnati festival that usually falls on Memorial Day weekend. But no matter when you visit, the city offers premium restaurants. Try a Cincinnati breakfast classic, goetta, sausage patties mixed with steel-cut oats.

Boca is considered the top-notch restaurant by locals and features a solid French and Italian menu as well as a full and separate vegetarian menu. Service is incredible and so is the tropical pavlova for dessert, with coconut tapioca, compressed pineapple, lychee cream, meringue, passionfruit-yuzu-coconut sorbet.

Cincinnati, Ohio in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazineFor a date of classic Italian try Sotto where rapper Drake and tennis player Serena Williams are rumored to have canoodled in the space’s sexy and intimate atmosphere.

If you’re on the go, walk by Gomez Salsa, an actual hole in the wall and order ‘The Turtle,” a filling quesadilla-burrito combo with the ingredients of your choice. It’s better but as quick as any Chipotle.

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Millions of people love Vegas, with its over-the-top “what happens here, stays here” spectacle. If you’re not one of them, you might still find yourself visiting, reluctantly and repeatedly. It doesn’t matter if you’re a rocket scientist or an Avon Lady — If you attend any kind of meeting or convention, you’re bound to end up in Sin City. If Vegas isn’t your thing, and you’re dreading your next visit, This guide is for you.

At least once — sometimes twice a year, I’m off to Vegas for a conference. When I choose a travel destination, I’m drawn to places rich in natural beauty, indigenous culture, and local food. Could someone like me find something to love in Las Vegas? Determined to make Vegas more tolerable – even enjoyable, I put my travel skills to the test, enlisted the help of my local friends, and discovered a Vegas I’m now looking forward to revisiting.

Here are ten ways to change Vegas haters into lovers:

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600x400 MailChimp Image 11up

If you’re anything like us, your bucket list of places to go never stops growing. It seems every year, a few new places capture your imagination: those photos on Facebook of a remote Caribbean beach or a friend’s trek through Nepal leave your head spinning. The bucket keeps filling, and there’s no end in sight.

Well, we’ve come to make it worse.

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As seen in ManAboutWold, the gay digital travel magazine

The stunning Mediterranean coast of Tel Aviv

Drum roll….please! Tel Aviv tops WOW Travel’s list of gayest destinations in the world, which features amazing LGBT-thriving cities like Berlin, London, Sao Paulo, and Toronto.

According to the article, “Right at the heart of the Middle East, lies a city called Tel Aviv. A bubble of sanity in an otherwise difficult and tense area. Tel Aviv, a city blessed with year-round sunshine and white sandy beaches, is one of the most liberal cities in the world. It is the most gay friendly city, not only in the Middle East but in the entire world. This vibrant city is an undisputed queer capital of the Middle East, It offers a 24/7 non-stop activities, all year round great weather, great food, gay beaches and infinite of gay bars and night clubs. Every June Tel Aviv is celebrating the Gay Pride week, week of celebrations and happenings throughout the city with Pride Expo (Gay Culture Fair), LGBT Theater festival, LGBT Film Festival and the famous Pride Parade which is one of the most colorful gay parades in the world.”

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As seen in ManAboutWorld, the digital travel magazine

The colorful row of San Francisco victorians

A new article from USA Today’s Road Warrior Voices blog highlights the new ‘Journey’s function of AirBnb – where for an additional cost your local, insider host will not only put you up for the night, they’ll plan your entire trip, including a Lyft to and from the airport, local hotspots for dining and going out, and some hidden gem sightseeing.

“So basically they’re not going to take you to Fisherman’s Wharf or to see where D.J. Tanner lived,” the article says.

“The service, called Journeys, would allow local hosts to create experiences for Airbnb guests, which are then part of a full package that includes a Lyft from the airport and an Airbnb that has been selected for the participants. The cost of these “handcrafted trips” would also include one meal a day. For the test period in San Francisco, trips are either three or five days and have price tags that range between $500 (for one guest) and $750 (for two).”

Check out the full article here:

Photo credit: Thomas Hawk

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It used to be that you’d get all dressed up to go to the airport. The flights had leg room and real food served on dish ware. Nowadays, most flight experiences aren’t quite as classy, and this article seems to think it could be getting worse.  A look into American Airlines and their future of no-frills flying.

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A recent New York Times article shined a spotlight on the gay app SCRUFF, outing it for being more than just a hook-up app; in fact, it’s a smart, sophisticated travel tool focusing on community building and safety.

“For gay travelers, a GPS-enabled dating app can prove quite useful when away from home,” the article said. “Land in Miami or Madrid, fire up Scruff or Grindr and, voilà, immediately find a bunch of guys in the area who are available for dates or casual hookups. But with its latest update, soon to be released, Scruff is more fully incorporating travel with the introduction of a feature called Scruff Venture.

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By @ 10/26/15 in Thailand
As seen in ManAboutWorld magazine

Skyline views from a suite inside the Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok

In 1876, The Oriental opened on the river banks of Siam, becoming the nations first five-star hotel. Throughout the end of the 19th century and well into the 20th, the hotel became a respite from the dirty, chaotic city of Bangkok, a sanctuary for world-renowned writers, many of whom penned their novels in the upstairs suites, the same suites that now bear their names.

It was nearly a century later when The Mandarin Hotel opened in Hong Kong, another five-star affair, and the hotel that would lead to the formation of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group. In 1985, when The Mandarin of Hong Kong and The Oriental of Bangkok joined forces, the group was forged, and would go on to become one of the world’s most prestigious and decadent hotel brands.

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As seen in ManAboutWorld, the gay travel magazine

A sweeping view of the Bagan Temples in Myanmar

We are thrilled and excited to announce our newest adventure, a 10-day excursion to Myanmar and Thailand, a once-in-a-lifetime trip to two of the most spiritual, tumultuous, arresting countries on Earth. And we get to do it with our friends at Belmond, who are among the greatest luxury brands today. The editors here will have a chance to experience Belmond’s luxurious river cruiser through Mandalay Bay, their five-star accommodations —  the Belmond Governor’s Residence in the Dagon Township — and to be part of an ancient civilization.

In the days to come get ready for posts here for how I’m preparing for this trip and then the trip itself. Also check out Instagram and Facebook feeds for photos, thoughts, impressions and recommendations.

We also invite you to comment and post with any questions or comments you may have. Feel free to leave a comment on our Facebook page. We’d love to hear your impressions. We are excited about trip and we plan on writing it up in a future issue of the magazine but the more we know what you are interested in, the better and more focused our coverage will be.

We’ll begin our adventure in Bangkok where we’ll stay at the towering Mandarin Oriental overlooking the seemingly endless

Mandarin Oriental in Bangkok, in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

Mandarin Oriental in Bangkok

skyline. After to days of exploring the chaotic, debaucherous and deeply religious city, we’ll depart for Myanmar, where we’ll land first in Yangon and then over to Bagan where we will  board a river cruise through the Mandalay, stopping in small, ancient towns and taking in the historic temples.

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Photo credit

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As seen in ManAboutWorld magazine.

Owner Will Guidara and Chef Daniel Humm get an early call from Michelin.

The New York Times today released the 2015 Michelin-stars, highlighting the very best in haute cuisine throughout the city. restaurant powerhouses like Eleven Madison Park, Per Se, Le Bernardin, Masa, Jean-Georges, and the Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare were among the big winners, retaining their three-star status (the highest honor you can receive.)

The Modern, the sleek restaurant inside the Museum of Modern Art, was boosted from one-star to two, and more the sixty restaurants received one star throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn.

The article said, “The rankings are to be announced Wednesday night at a reception at the Manhattan Classic Car Club. (Michelin is a tire company, after all.) Unlike in past years, Michelin declined to release the ratings to reporters under a news embargo to help them prepare for the announcement. But those grand plans took a detour, as several restaurants, informed of their awards, posted the news on Twitter and other social media. So Michelin agreed to release the news in the afternoon.

The Michelin Guide New York City 2016, which lists nearly 900 restaurants, goes on sale Thursday for $18.99. For the complete”

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fort lauderdale 1

Richard Grey, our good friend and managing director of the LGBT market for Fort Lauderdale, was recently interviewed by The New York Times about courting transgendered tourists. Grey has pioneered the movement of transgendered travel and his work  is being recognized on a national scale. Read his interview here.

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Belvedere Castle: designed in 1869 by Calvert Vaux (co-designer of Central Park.

An aerial view of the Belvedere Castle, designed in 1869 by Calvert Vaux.

Ask a traveler to name the best neighborhood and New York and they’ll rattle off a few familiar names — the West Village is usually high on the list, Chelsea, too, SoHo for the rich and fashionable, and Williamsburg for the hipsters. We know Brooklyn is for the cool kids and Hell’s Kitchen is for the gay boys. They each have their share of culture and performances, restaurants and cozy cafes, and some are renowned for the gay life. But what if there was a ‘hood in NYC that had it all, plus enough nature to make you forget you were living in a labyrinth of steel ad concrete?

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Fort Lauderdale may just be the best gay American city we’ve got, where gays have been welcomed for decades to live, explore, and enjoy a taste of the good life. It’s 38 square miles of sprawling, sun-soaked metropolis and miles of white sand beach, and in the center of it all, one of the great gayborhoods in the world — Wilton Manors.

Our free guide to Fort Lauderdale delves deep into the city, highlighting the best of its restaurants, nightlife, shopping, culture, and gay guesthouses. In the years before the Stonewall riots, when ideas like gay marriage were still far-fetched pipe dreams, these guesthouses were sanctuary’s, a place where gay men could be themselves, free to flirt and frolic (among other F-words) without fear of prejudice.

The free guide puts the spotlight on gay locals who reveal their favorite hotspots and hidden gems, and we even dish out a few fabulous day-trip ideas, for those mornings when you want to get out of town for the chic fast-paced buzz of Miami, or the laid-back opulence of Palm Beach.

Download the ManAboutWorld on the iTunes App Store or Google Play for tablet or smart phone and get the guide for free. For a free three-month subscription to the magazine, click here.

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LA Dodgers gay pride night as seen in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine


On June 19, the Los Angeles Dodgers will host LGBT night, featuring a first pitch by Lisa Vanderpump, a special appearance by Lance Bass and the National Anthem will be performed by Ty Herndon. Show your pride and come out to celebrate. Each ticket PACKAGE includes a ticket to the game and a VOUCHER redeemable for a commemorative LGBT night t-shirt. Tickets range from $38-$73.


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Tel Aviv Pride as seen in  ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

Tel Aviv Pride

This column is brought to you by Ashton Giese, ManAboutWorld correspondent and editor of the GAYography newsbrief.

Ready for Pride Month? Find out the best spots all over the country for Pride & parties — Tel Aviv Pride starts next week. There’s controversy in Pittsburgh where groups have pulled out of the parade to protest Iggy Azelea — she’s NOT too fancy lately. Abroad there’s trouble in Korea — where the Pride Parade has been cancelled for the first time — and Moscow (where it’s always cancelled).

If you’re feeling super proud, you might even venture to a nude beach — discover the world’s best “clothing optional” ones and read an account about taking on the challenge (tough for us prude Americans).

Click here for this week’s GAYography brief.

A vital resource for LGBT travelers, focusing on news, vacation insights, advocacy and current events in major cities around the globe, the GAYography brief is published each Thursday. Subscribe here & like!

Photo: Tel Aviv Pride by Atomische * Tom Giebel

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We love the gay streetlights in Vienna — two gay guys holding hands! We recently covered Vienna and the crazy Eurovision event. The grand finale of the competition will be May 23. Click here to subscribe and read our in-depth, expert-sourced coverage.

Here’s a fabulous photo of last year’s winner Conchita Wurst (credit: LifeBall Conchita_Akzeptanz). Click here to read what we wrote about the event on Towleroad. 

Conchita Wurst as seen in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

The other lady in gold


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By @ 05/13/15 in Gay travel, ManAboutWorld, Travel


Our recent article for Towleroad highlights the best of Cambodia and Laos, two of the least developed countries in Southeast Asia, tucked between Thailand and Vietnam. Tourism is a bright spot in both countries, and based on our short exploration, it is easy to see why. Despite the difficult history and circumstances, people greet visitors with enormous smiles and warmth. Cambodia’s magnificent Angkor Wat complex, rediscovered in the 1850s, is a bucket list draw for world travelers. It has brought about tourism infrastructure development, and some of the same free-wheeling tourist economy trappings — good and bad — seen in more developed tourist economies. By comparison, Laos is most notable for its relative lack of development, but here too, the power of tourist spending is changing the landscape — literally and quickly.

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By @ 05/08/15 in Auston Matta, Gay travel, ManAboutWorld, Travel


Our friends at Two Bad Tourists have big news on the first-ever Ibiza Pride and a huge summer giveaway!

Are you planning on visiting Ibiza? In case you haven’t heard, Ibiza is hosting its first gay pride this summer from July 8th to 12th and it’s going to be big! We’ve partnered with the Ibiza Gay Pride team to giveaway 2 All Access Passes.

The winner of the giveaway will receive 2 free t-shirts, 2 welcome bags and 2 wristbands providing free access to all 8 parties including the opening party, all nighttime events and daytime pool party. Each pass normally costs 200€ (promo price until May 25th) so the total prize is valued at 400€! You can find out more about the events and parties on the Ibiza Gay Pride website or check out their Facebook page for regularly updates.

What’s the Catch?

There’s no catch – all you have to do is signup with your email address. We’ll add you to our mailing list and you can unsubscribe at anytime. We don’t spam but we do send out a monthly newsletter and occasional new blogs posts by email. This giveaway also helps promote Ibiza Gay Pride, which is important since it’s the first year and they need help spreading the word. Also note that the prize doesn’t include any travel assistance, flights or accommodation so you’re on own for that. But once you arrive, you’ll have access to all the events throughout the week with the wristband.

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The New York Times recently had a great story about the semi-new Rhapsody magazine, available to first-class United Airlines passengers, and the new influx of A-list literary stars that populate the magazine.

“As airlines try to distinguish their high-end service with luxuries like private sleeping chambers, showers, butler service and meals from five-star chefs, United Airlines is offering a loftier, more cerebral amenity to its first-class and business-class passengers: elegant prose by prominent novelists,” the article said.

Passengers will read stories from Pulitzer-winner Anthony Doerr, and award-winners such as Joyce Carol Oates (Black Water, Blonde) and Karen Russell (Swamplandia!)


Photo credit: Sam Hodgson for The New York Times



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ManAboutWorld Global Correspondent Michael Siebert visited Bangkok and stayed at ManAboutWorld Editor’s Choice award winner the Sofitel So Bangkok. Here’s his report, just in; and above a self portrait he took (using a timer) of him and a friend.
Sofitel So Bangkok is a fantastic, well-located hotel combining together elegant French luxury and warm Thai hospitality and styled by Monsieur Christian Lacroix.
The pool is spectacular along with the view.  If you are a chocolate lover, be sure to visit the “chocolate lab” at ground level, as well as the rooftop bar, Park Society.  An excellent time to visit is during the Thai new year in April each year; lastly, don’t miss out of the water fight in the Silom area during the new year.

*DDTI: Daily dose of travel inspiration.

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