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By @ 03/16/15 in Africa, Dion Van Aardt, Gay travel, ManAboutWorld, Travel
ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine welcome's Kenya-based Dion as newest cordespondent

Dion Van Aardt on the beach near his guesthouse

Dion comes from a long line of Nomadic misfits and is the 13th generation of his family to be born in Africa.

He lives on Lamu Island, Kenya, running Kizingo, a small unconventional beach resort. When Dion isn’t at Kizingo,  he spends his time in Harare, Zimbabwe and loves to travel as much as possible.

Dion has visited a number of countries around the world, and believes that the only way to truly travel is to connect with the

Africa as seen by ManAboutWorld's correspondent Dion Van Aardt

Africa as seen by ManAboutWorld’s correspondent Dion Van Aardt

locals that call the place you visit home. Dion has managed to find some very interesting jobs whilst adventuring around the world, including tractor driving (very badly) in Suffolk, UK and offering his free, unskilled services as a chainsaw operator in upstate New York in exchange for the use of an apartment in Manhattan.

He is proud of the fact he is the owner of one of the few ‘out’ Kenyan businesses but hopes that he will not have to be proud of this fact forever!

Follow Dion on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and Kizingo on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.


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By @ 03/15/15 in Gay travel, Gay travel magazine, ManAboutWorld, S. Arestis & S. Chaneac, Travel
Stefan and Sébastien sporting new hats.

Stefan and Sébastien sporting new hats.

Sébastien and Stefan have been together for over six years.

They quit their jobs in London in June 2014 to eat their way around Asia and create a new life for themselves.

Sébastien is a former IT geek originally from France and Stefan, an ex-lawyer, born in London is originally Greek. Together they are exploring the world and writing about their food discoveries and adventures on their Nomadic Boys gay travel blog.

Stefan and Sebastien would be pleased if you stalk them on Facebook and Twitter.

Stef Seb in Beijing

The NomadicBoys in Beijing


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By @ 06/22/14 in Correspondent, Gay travel, ManAboutWorld, Todd Cross, Travel

CrossTodd_EgyptTodd Cross is a multimedia producer and videographer based in New York City. His professional journey in the visual communications field has blessed him with opportunity and adventure in more than 26 countries. He began his journey as a staff photographer for Egypt Today magazine, documenting stories in the Middle East and northern Africa. He transitioned from a photographer to a picture editor during his five years of work at the Washington Post and three years of editing at the Detroit Free Press. Since earning his multimedia graduate degree in 2010 from the Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, Todd has embraced opportunities at NBC Universal, ABC News and In the Life Media.

Follow Todd on Vimeo and on his website.

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By @ 06/09/14 in Correspondent, Dining/food/wine, Gay travel, ManAboutWorld, Thailand, Travel

travelshot2Hailing from the Lone Star state, Jacob Holder’s insatiable thirst for culture and travel has led him to travel the world, living extended periods. His expertise in marketing communications has had him posted in six different countries spanning four continents.

Jacob is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and Italian; and is currently studying Thai in Bangkok where he co-founded Taste of Thailand Food Tours, a community-led effort to serve Thai culture and tradition through culinary experiences created for tourists and other visitors. Ranked as the city’s top food tour, Taste of Thailand has received rave reviews from top-tier travel blogs and publications, including Cosmopolitan Magazine.

His passions include exploring new neighborhoods and discovering culinary gems in the sprawling metropolis of Bangkok and sharing them with visitors and guests. Jacob resides with his partner in Thailand’s capital.

Follow Jacob on Twitter at @tasteofthaitour and connect with him on his website Taste of Thailand Food Tours.

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By @ 06/05/14 in Budapest, Correspondent, Dennis Hensley, Gay travel, ManAboutWorld, Travel

TomDennisBudapestManAboutWorld correspondent recently Dennis Hensley visited Budapest. While there he recorded a podcast with his friend Tom Ford who is working there on a movie as the Visual Effects Producer.  Here’s the link.

We covered Budapest in our current issue. If you  haven’t read it, download it now.



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By @ 06/03/14 in Correspondent, Gay travel, Gay travel magazine, Jason Slattery & Zack Gregus, ManAboutWorld, Travel

IMG_1945For these two, nothing is better than the opportunity to travel and perform. Luckily, they get to experience both of these … together. Zack Gregus, a 30-year-old Connecticut native, and Jason Slattery, a a 27-year-old Ohioan, travel the world while performing on cruise ships.

So far, their travels have taken them from Europe and Africa to Asia. They’ve recently begun to document their travels through video and photography for friends and family around the world.

Follow their adventures on YoutubeFacebook and Twitter.

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By @ 06/01/14 in Dennis Hensley, Gay travel, ManAboutWorld, Travel


Dennis Hensley first caught travel fever when he was working as a dancer/Assistant Cruise Director for Princess Cruises in his early twenties, shuffling off not only to Buffalo but nearly every continent on earth. Since then he’s penned the novels Misadventures in the (213) and Screening Party, written and/or directed the short films RubdownReunion and If We Took a Holiday,and worked as a staff writer for the TV shows Fashion PoliceLovespring International and The Big Gay Sketch Show.

As a journalist, he’s written for such magazines as TV Guide, Cosmopolitan, Out Traveler, Glamour, The Advocate and Time Out New York. He lives in Long Angeles, where he is the creator and host of the long-running comedy stage hit The MisMatch Game. His weekly podcast “Dennis Anyone?” is available for free on iTunes.

In 2013, his career came full circle when he began writing and directing murder mystery comedy shows for Princess Cruises. The first, The Dangerous Hour, is currently being performed on several ships around the world and the second,The Love Ahoy Mystery Hour, will premier in 2014.

Follow him on Twitter at @HensleyDennis and check out his website

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By @ 05/27/14 in Andrew Villagomez, Correspondent, Gay travel, ManAboutWorld, Travel


From the Tri-state area, Andrew Villagomez is a jack of all trades when it comes to everything travel, style, writing and photography. Personal and professional journeys have brought him to London, Paris, Spain, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, the Caribbean and throughout the states as he continues to add drop pins on his map.

He maintains men’s fashion and a travel lifestyle blog, Vee Travels, and has contributed as a freelance writer to publications including, AskMen, Thrillist,, Out, Passport and NewNowNext.

Along with writing and blogging, Andrew also has a growing passion for photography, which you can see more of on his blog, and he has shot street style and travel photos for a number of the publications he contributes to. Down the road Andrew hopes to offer services beyond editorial to utilize his knowledge and skills in travel, men’s fashion and publishing.

Learn more about Andrew and contact him, and VeeTravels.

You can follow him on Twitter at VeeTravels and Instagram also at VeeTravels.


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By @ 05/19/14 in Correspondent, Gay travel, ManAboutWorld, Travel


Growing up in southwestern Missouri, Scott never imagined he would get to leave the state let alone have the opportunity to travel the world. He graduated from Yale University with a degree in Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies and sang with the Whiffenpoofs, the country’s oldest collegiate a cappella group. He has traveled to more than 30 countries as a singer, tour manager, and blogger. After his fifteen of minutes of fame were up, he settled in New York to join the East Coast tech scene.

Scott currently works at Google as part of the Glass operations team and spends his time eating, doing yoga, and running. He represents the unofficial amateur wing of MAW and admits that his only masthead credits were from time spent copyediting his college newspaper.

Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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By @ 04/28/14 in Ed Salvato, Gay travel, ManAboutWorld, Thailand, Travel


In Chiang Mai, a spiritual northern city of Thailand, our Editor-in-Chief and four of our global correspondents found themselves at the Patara Animal Farm where they became proud new elephant owners (but just for the day.) It’s just one unforgettable excursion you’ll experience when trekking through this gorgeous country, where urban chaos and tropical beachfronts and hedonistic port towns and ancient, rural farms all converge. We’ll be covering Thailand in an upcoming issue and sharing all of our stories and insider tips.

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By @ 04/21/14 in Correspondent, Gay travel, Gay travel magazine, Jeffrey James Keyes, ManAboutWorld, New York, Parting Shots, Travel

Photo: Jeffrey James Keyes

Our Global Correspondent Jeffrey James Keyes moved to New York the moment he turned 18 and never looked back. Sixteen years later, he is a playwright, travel writer, and photographer currently living in the Big Apple. He currently contributes to ManAboutWorld, Metrosource Magazine, Instinct, The Luminesce, Queerty, and GayCities and has had plays developed and produced in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. We spoke to him about his passion for travel, and we selected his journeys as this month’s Parting Shots in our magazine. Here’s the expanded story and more of his photos.

1. Why do you love to travel?

Travel was never an option when I was growing up. The furthest trip I took when I was a child was to my family’s farm near Ashland in Northern Wisconsin. In high school I was able to participate in a foreign exchange program and studied in Offenbach, Germany. Upon returning from Europe I became stir crazy and saved every penny so I would be able to travel and see the world. I applied for every grant and program, even working with the church by teaching vacation Bible school in the Caribbean and building orphanage floors in the mountains of Guatemala. I’ve grown to feel a bit like Juliette Binoche in the film Chocolat, whenever I am in one place for too long I feel the need to hop on a plane and immerse myself into another world. Unlike Binoche in the film, I’ve set my anchor down in New York City and call it my home. Being able to travel, write about my adventures, and share my pictures through my editorial work is an extraordinary opportunity. Through working in LGBT media I’m able to share information about safe and welcoming destinations and offer advice as to how to curate a much-needed vacation. I share the stories of the people I encounter and pass on something.

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By @ 03/19/14 in Correspondent, David DiGiacomo, Event, Gay travel, Gay travel magazine, Gay travel magazine for iPad, Las Vegas, ManAboutWorld, Party, Travel


Our very own ManAboutWorld Correspondent (and circuit party aficionado) David DiGiacomo provides the lay of the land for Matinee Las Vegas, scheduled for Memorial Day Weekend along with his top tips for maximizing your enjoyment.

Matinee Las Vegas will take place over Memorial Day weekend (May 23-26). The party brand Matinee was launched over 15 years ago in Ibiza. It has evolved internationally with lavish events including Circuit Festival Barcelona (August 6-17). Upon expanding the brand to North America, the founders asked Patrick Crough and Jake Resnicow to oversee and produce all parties in the USA and Canada.

The first Matinee event was held during Pride NYC on Governors Island. Matinee Las Vegas debuted in 2011. The weekend will feature eight events over four days and nights. The party starts out Friday 9 pm-5 am at Share nightclub. Friday event DJs are Taito Tikaro, Nina Flowers and Felipe Lira.

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By @ 03/17/14 in Adam Groffman, Cologne, Correspondent, Gay travel, Gay travel magazine, ManAboutWorld, Travel


Story and photo by Berlin-based ManAboutWorld Global Correspondent Adam Groffman

I’ve now visited Cologne twice and I’d say it’s one of my favorite cities in Germany. With nearly 10% of the local Cologne residents identifying as gay or lesbian, according to the local tourism office, the city has a unique and special atmosphere. Maybe it’s the upbeat attitude of the local residents in Cologne. Maybe it’s the innate friendliness that seems to define the city. Or maybe it’s the fact that people will actually start conversations with strangers on the street. This open-minded attitude and friendly atmosphere makes Cologne a friendly and fun place to visit — and it’s why I’ve been back twice in the past six months!

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By @ 03/11/14 in Big Island, Gay dads, Gay family travel, Gay travel, Gay travel magazine, Gay travel magazine for iPad, Hawaii, Honolulu, Kauai, ManAboutWorld, Travel


ManAboutWorld’s latest issue is ready for download. Subscribers: Open your iPad, tap on ManAboutWorld, go to Library, download and enjoy. Non-subscribers may find us in the AppStore. Or click on our website to subscribe and get access to all our back issues.

This is our coolest — and hottest — cover, yet.

Learn why we love Hawaii and its beautiful aloha spirit.

Other coverage includes:

  • Gay family travel to Kauai
  • Washington, DC
  • Merida, Mexico
  • Panama City, Panama
  • 6 fabulous honeymoon hotels
  • and more

Wait, not a subscriber? (Est-ce possible ?! :). Become one now and get access to all our back issues for free.

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By @ 03/08/14 in Adam Groffman, Correspondent, Gay travel, Gay travel magazine, Gay travel magazine for iPad, Gay-Friendly, ManAboutWorld, Parting Shots
Tel Aviv, Adam Groffman

Tel Aviv, Adam Groffman

Our Global Correspondent and true man about world Adam Groffman quit his job as a graphic designer in Boston and went on a life-changing 15+ month trip around the world. Since 2011 Adam has been living in Berlin – Europe’s most hipster city. His blog, Travels of Adam, focuses on finding the coolest cultural things to do around the world. We spoke to him about his passion for travel, and we selected his journeys as this month’s Parting Shots in our magazine. Here’s the expanded story and more of his photos.

Why do you love to travel?

For me, traveling is a great way to learn, see and experience new things. While I might try new things when I’m home, it’s when I’m out exploring a new part of the world that I really begin to embrace change and try new things. I’ve learned so much from traveling — not just typical skills a backpacker or traveler might pick up, but life skills too.

1. How far in advance do you plan your trips?

It varies. I tend to plan at least a month or two beforehand, but I’ve been known to book quite a few last-minute trips. Sometimes if the airfare is right, why not?!

2. Who do you travel with?

I’ve traveled every which way and I can’t honestly tell you how I prefer it. I’ve done group tours, trips with friends or groups of friends, alone and with my boyfriend. I think there’s a time and a place (and a destination!) for every type of travel.

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By @ 03/06/14 in Correspondent, David DiGiacomo, Event, Gay travel, Gay travel magazine, Gay travel magazine for iPad, ManAboutWorld, Party, Travel

Credit: David A. Lee

ManAboutWorld correspondent David DiGiacomo has been to the White Party Palm Springs several times and brings us his top tips for enjoying this desert event celebrating its 25th anniversary.

This year’s White Party Palm Springs marks the 25th-anniversary since this legendary party began. This year it takes place April 25-28 2014. White Party Palm Springs was founded and is produced by Jeffrey Sanker who’s been dubbed “the high priest of gay parties.” The White Party started out with only 300 attendees in its first year and now anticipates hosting over 30,000 revelers from all over the world. Each year Sanker tries to introduce new and upcoming talent to perform at his events throughout the weekend. Such stars as Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, and Icona Pop have all performed at the White Party. I attended two years ago and decided it was time to revisit White Party Palm Springs this year. I have a few tips for those planning to attend the event.

  1. Eat at LULU 200 South Palm Danyon Dr. The food is excellent for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It’s also a great place to have a drink before heading out.
  2. East Arenas Rd hosts a slew of gay bars all within all within a few hundred feet of each other.

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By @ 02/27/14 in Aaron Drake, Baltimore, Correspondent, Film festival, Gay family travel, Gay travel, Gay travel magazine, ManAboutWorld, Travel

birthdayBy ManAboutWorld correspondent Aaron Drake.

This Sunday night, the Baltimore Queer Film and Media Festival gets audiences warmed up with a screening of Chad Darnell’s mockumentary Birthday Cake. The B’More QFest, which takes place June 12-15, 2014, will feature LGBT films from around the world — with a hat tip to Maryland, of course — special performances by the loveable Leslie Jordan (Will & Grace) of his one-man show Fruit Fly: Do Gay Men Become Their Mothers?, and queer-themed art exhibits.

Birthday Cake’s Darnell recently made the rounds on the gay film circuit with his prequel short, Groom’s Cake, which swept up many festival awards. The next preview event for this year’s B’More QFest will be the Del Shore Southern Tragic Humor Double Bill on April 6, featuring the gay cult classic Sordid Lives with Leslie Jordan and Olivia Newton John.

For more about B’More QFest, this year’s film lineup and to purchase tickets, visit

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By @ 02/24/14 in Cancun, CheckOut, Correspondent, Gay travel, Gay travel magazine, Gay travel magazine for iPad, ManAboutWorld, Mexico, Paul VanDeCarr, Travel

Oasis Sens 4 gays at poolOur ManAboutWorld correspondent Paul VanDeCarr visited the Oasis Sens, an adult-only, all-inclusive resort in Cancún, Mexico. Was it as gay friendly as they promoted? Read our new column CheckOut and, well, check it out.

An “adults-only” resort hotel on the beach featuring outdoor pools, multiple restaurants with various cuisines and a friendly but not obsequious staff. Plenty of entertainments and activities such as Spanish lessons, yoga sessions, stage shows at the “Kinky Club” and cheesy but fun Mayan dance performances out by the pool. Small-to-moderate complaints like problems with the key cards or untidy spots in the common areas prevent the Oasis Sens from being a luxury hotel, if that’s what you’re looking for. The feel here is of folks splurging on a little easygoing beach vacay: the straight lady from Kansas who seemed to relish going topless, the college boy recommending “Dude, you totally have to go into the ocean wasted!!”, the middle-aged Russians in on the direct flight from Moscow, the trash-talking dykes from Dallas and the cute queeny 20-something gay friends from New York.

In Cancún’s hotel zone, which feels about “authentic” Mexican as a Taco Bell. But the real attraction here is the beach, which is gorgeous. To go directly to and from the airport you have to take a shuttle (about US $15) or taxi (about US $30) respectively. Or you can take a US $1 bus ride downtown, and from there catch a cheap “colectivo” van to the airport. Downtown itself is a bit of a hike—too far to walk—though it sports a couple fun gay clubs. Don’t confuse the Oasis Sens with its sister property down the road, the Grand Oasis Cancún, which has the reputation of being a party hotel for drunk college students.

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By @ 02/18/14 in Allister Chang, Correspondent, Gay travel, Gay travel magazine, Gay travel magazine for iPad, ManAboutWorld, Travel


TWC take over of a casino bar probably created its hottest night ever

This is normally the boring bar in a mainstream casino.

By Boston-based Global Correspondent Allister Chang

Boston-based The Welcoming Committee is bringing an innovative spirit of lighthearted activism into the world of gay travel. The TWC’s recent “take overs” of ski resorts, casinos, and other destinations have brought together a range of gay Bostonians. “Soon we’ll take over Cancun for Spring Break,” says Ashley Lucas, a recent hire who spearheaded the “Flannel Takeover” movement (GQBs organized specifically for our lesbian sisters).

TWC has reshaped the landscape of gay nightlife in Boston with their monthly Guerilla Queer Bars (GQB). On the first Friday of each month, TWC “takes over one of the douchiest bars in Boston.”  What Daniel initially began as a joke with 20 friends expanded to over a thousand participants by the 5th event. 

TWC was named “best gay bar” by Boston Magazine in 2012.  “The funny thing about this award,” the founder of TWC Daniel Heller joked, “is that we aren’t a bar!”  

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By @ 02/13/14 in Andy Keown, Correspondent, Gay travel, Gay travel magazine, Gay travel magazine for iPad, LA/West Hollywood, ManAboutWorld, Travel


Andy  is a tourism PR professional and frequent business traveler. In his job as communications director for Visit West Hollywood, he seeks to make connections with media and travelers around the world. He frequently visits New  York, Sydney and London, and loves seeking out up-and-coming neighborhoods and getting a feel for how people live. He’s an avid fan of anywhere with beaches, sunshine and people who know how to mix business with pleasure.

Follow him on InstagramFacebook and Twitter.

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