Colombia? Or the Philippines? Are You Smarter Than Steve Harvey?

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Steve Harvey’s epic gaffe at last night’s Miss Universe contest — where he mistakenly announced Colombia the winner when she was the runner-up (Miss Philippines went home with the crown, after all), got us thinking about Colombia and the Philippines. On the surface, they couldn’t be more different. Nearly 11,000 miles apart from each other, the countries are cultural, culinarily, religiously, economically and aesthetically unique. But if put to the test, would you know the difference?


Could Steve Harvey guess right?

So let’s take a walk in Steve Harvey’s shoes and see what you know about Colombia, the Philippines, and calling winners.

  1. The photo above depicts too typical street scenes from Bogota and Manila. Can you tell which is which?


2. The above photo is of two national dishes: the Bandeja Paisa of Colombia and the Adobo of the Philippines. Can you match the food with country?


3. There’s no place like the Philippines as far as world-class beaches go, but the coastal regions of Colombia are no slouch. Check out the two beaches above and see if you can tell one from the other?


4. We’ll leave you with an easy one. A country’s currency can is often so identifiable — do you know which bills belong to Colombia, and which to the Philippines?



Cheat sheet:

Q1: Top photo is Bogota; Bottom: Manila

Q2: Top: Colombia’s national dish; Bottom: Filipino national dish

Q3: Top: Cartagena beach; Boracay in the Philippines

Q4: Top: Filipino currency; Colombian pesos.

Whatever you do, don’t ask Steve Harvey!

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