Soho: The Gayest and Tastiest Neighborhood in London

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An Eating Europe tour gives you the chance to experience London’s Soho

An Eating Europe tour gives you the chance to experience London’s Soho

Berlin-based ManAboutWorld Global Correspondent Adam Groffman submitted this piece about London SoHo for ManAboutWorld. It’s small but backed with restaurants, pubs and cultural options. He also shared a blog post about the differences between London’s Soho and NYC’s Soho and made an interactive quiz to go with it. Take the quiz here and find out which SoHo you are.

London may draw millions of international tourists to see Big Ben or Buckingham Palace, but Eating Europe’s new Twilight Soho Food Tour is the best way to experience  London and its hippest neighborhood. Soho is located in the center of London’s West End and offers exciting, original shopping and dining options — including the city’s premier gay and lesbian bars and clubs. If you’re searching around for your next trip or for a new place to visit in London, the Soho neighborhood is not to be missed.

Today Soho is known as the gay area of London, yet the neighborhood has a rich history dating back to the 17th century. Originally home to the wealthiest families of London, foreign immigrants and bohemian artists eventually overtook the district. By the 19th century, Soho earned its risqué character: it was the heart of London’s sex and music industries. Sex shops, record stores, and jazz venues still remain scattered around the neighborhood. Amazing musical theaters and London’s very own Chinatown are only a few steps away from Soho. Yet, Soho itself has the densest concentration of restaurants, cafés, clubs and bars in all of central London. Soho has developed a rich, diverse culture that can be experienced through all human senses.

Eating Europe’s Twilight Soho Food Tour gives you the chance to experience London’s Soho by tasting some of the EL Soho-113neighborhood’s unparalleled food and drink. With the tour you’ll discover the special history of Soho as intrinsically British and also influenced by multiple countries from around the world. Tea is essential in England, and the tour ensures you get a cup of authentic afternoon tea. Spain is known for its tapas and Jamón, but this one-of-a-kind meal can be found right in Soho! Also included in the tour is a taste of traditional Italian polenta and some delicious Levantine hummus. Cocktails and drinks accompany the food tastings throughout the tour, and a delightful dessert is of course saved for the end.

To get the full sense of Soho and its multicultural history, you must visit at night. Eating Europe’s Twilight Soho Food Tour departs every weekday evening at 5PM: the perfect time to start an evening journey through the most unique neighborhood in London. In a small tour group with a personal tour guide, you’ll never get lost or bored. The always-friendly tour guide is there to create an enjoyable and original experience and can offer any advice or recommendations you may need for travel. After the tour, you’ll leave with your fill of delicious food and knowing you have truly experienced the incredible London Soho.

Tour bookings are open now and can be completed online here:

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