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We think some the most delicious and affordable tacos we have had in New York City are at La Esquina. Here’s our write up from this past summer’s inaugural issue of ManAboutWorld, which included a definitive guide to the best of gay New York. Here’s what we wrote about it:

This secretive and chic Mexican brasserie is hidden beneath an ordinary deli on the corner of Kenmare. With your reservation (book three weeks out!) verified by the Men In Black standing guard at a door marked “Employees Only,” you’ll walk down a candle-lit stairway, through the kitchen and into a sexy, brick-walled dungeon. Worth it for the ambience alone, the tacos are affordable and delicious—a rare combination even above ground in NYC.

Now what to do when in London and you have the taco urge?  Our reader and contributor Tanya Scholl steers us to the best place to satisfy the urge for great Mexican cuisine across the pond.

Head to La Bodega Negra at 9 Old Compton St. in Soho.  Coincidentally, Serge Becker of La Esquina is one of the investors, which ticks the box on insight to how a swank establishment can pull off amazing tacos and service.  The restaurant entrance is via a Peep Show sign and the sight of the host will make thoughts of S&M bondage cross your mind before food. Once your reservation (follow our La Esquina advice of book 3 weeks out) is confirmed, head downstairs.

A packed bar area will greet you, and squeeze your way in amongst the hipsters and Prada to order a fresh fruit margarita or Pacifico beer.  When seated, skip the guacamole and sesame tostadas, and immediately go for the tacos and ceviches.  You must order:  the lamb, seared steak, and pork tacos, and all 3 of the ceviches offered.

The chorizo and wood roasted vegetable salad fills the craving for flavorful spicy meat without doing a full main.  Finally, for dessert order the baked lemon cheesecake.  Who knew cheesecake outside of New York City could be this fantastic? Perhaps Mr. Becker has it shipped priority Airmail to London?  Well, maybe that’s not the case, but for everything done at La Bodega Negra from drinks to service to food, whatever the secret is, it is more than working.

Contact information: 020 7758 4100

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