Miles Griffis

Miles Griffis

Like Kipling, Miles believes everyday in “filling the unforgiving minute with sixty-seconds worth of distance run.” To do this, he travels abroad. When he can’t, he treks and skis the wilderness of his backyard, the Colorado backcountry. 

Rather than passing through, Miles prefers to work abroad. He’s worked in many countries for extended periods of time in order to grasp them. Miles’ dearest memories are leading backpacking trips in the boonies of Australia and studying in the colorful city of Cape Town. He’s been inspired by a thunderstorm while on the summit of the Acropolis and feared for his life while taking teenagers birdwatching in the humidity of Costa Rica’s wet season. Next, he wants to find work in Spain so he can finally learn a second language.

 Miles graduates in May with a degree from Colorado College in creative writing. He is excited for all the possibilities ahead.

Follow Miles for miles on Instagram: _mileshigh on his site or on tumblr:

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