Parting Shots: Jumping 20,000 Ft. Above A New Zealand Glacier

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We  received some amazing images for our Parting Shots section in the magazine (that’s the last section of ManAboutWorld featuring photos our readers send us based on a theme).

The theme was “Summer Fun.”

The image above was sent to us by Michael Siebert, an optometric physician (as well as one of our correspondents).

The launch point was Franz Josef Glacier….very near Fox Glacier. They are the fastest changing glaciers in the world (they are rising). In your view…you are seeing the western coastline of the south island (NZ) … the Southern Alps would be to the right in the photo, but are not visible and the glacier is beneath me. The glacier is not visible in the photo. In the photo:  me and a guide. It was an impromptu jump …. I was checking my email after the glacier heli-hike….and a girl at the front desk ask me if I was interested in a 19,000 feet tandem jump. The highest tandem jump in the world.  She said “we have an opening in 20 minutes…do you want it.” I said HELL YES!

Keep checking back this month for the stories behind the Parting Shots.

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