Correspondent Update: Friends of Dorothy Party in Buenos Aires

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Buenos Aires party

Here’s a report by ManAboutWorld correspondent Michael Siebert about the very fun “Friends of Dorothy Party” in Buenos Aires. Our guy Michael cleary gets around. Did you see yesterday’s post? He hops around from continent to continent bringing us updates of the hottest gay events and places on the planet for gay travelers. Check the pic below to see how crowded it gets.

Every month in Buenos Aires (BA) there is a gay dance party called “Friends of Dorothy” at Palacio Alsina, an old theater, with tons of space to dance and move around.  Enjoy plenty of seating upstairs when you want to take a break (spend the extra 6 USD for a VIP ticket); however, like most things in BA, everything starts late.  The party starts at midnight, but will not really start until 2-3AM and will go until 7AM.  It is worth planning your trip around this party giving you a chance to mingle with many locals. Please note that the last party of the year is generally in October because the locals will be gone doing other things for the summer. Info here

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Friends of Dorothy, Buenos Aires party, ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine


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