Our Favorite Hidden Gem in West Hollywood

By @ 08/29/14 in Gay travel, LA/West Hollywood, ManAboutWorld, Travel

mysteryThe small house has an ugly facade, and from Sunset, you can’t even see it. All that exists from the street is a unpronounced sign that says “First Edition.” Walk through the entranceway to a dead-end, take a right down another alley, down some stairs and hidden away is this little house called Mystery Pier Books. Inside, you’ll meet Harvey, a gracious, soft-spoken host who will let you browse the small two-room house full of some of the world’s rarest first edition books. This store is a wonder. It’s a classic piece of West Hollywood, unknown to most, a museum of literature, housing first edition copies of In Cold Blood, works by Faulkner and Hemingway, some of which are priced in the $100,000 range. On the wall, photos of Johnny Depp and Pierce Bronson and other celebrities who frequent the shop.

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