No More Melting Drag Makeup

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St. Pete Pride is going nighty night!

No, it’s not going to sleep; quite the opposite, actually. Instead, the city is embracing its young, hip gay ways and will become only the fifth pride event in the country to take place at night. And for anyone who knows the intensity of the mid-summer Florida sun, that means one very important thing: no more melting drag makeup!

It also means a raucous, fun parade, tons of parties, and a new, sexy, fun vibe to the parade. St. Pete Pride is a three-day art, music, and performance event culminating in the LGBT parade with some of America’s biggest brands representing. The event draws more than 100,000 gays from around the country. This year will also include the opening of the city’s first LGBT Welcome Center.

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Visit St. Pete’s official website offers information of interest to LGBT travelers.

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