Memento: NomadicBoys’ Indispensable Teaspoon

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The NomadicBoys with their infamous teaspoons, ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

The NomadicBoys with their infamous teaspoons

This month’s Memento is “our indispensable teaspoon” by the handsome and peripatetic NomadicBoys, our roving correspondents and a gay couple sharing their tales of the road with the world. In the Memento section of the magazine we invite our correspondents and readers to share something they, ahem, acquired on the road that become an object they can’t leave for home without. Do you have a memento you’d like to share? Let us know!

by the NomadicBoys 

On board the Trans-Siberian railway, the fierce old lady Provodnitsas, train attendants look after each carriage snarling at your every move. The samovars, tea urns, dispensing hot water allow you to produce tea/soup/coffee from sachets. These obviously need a teaspoon to stir them, which Madame Provodnitsa loaned to us. We never gave it back. This simple treasure has not only become a memento of our Trans-Siberian adventure but also an indispensable tool during our travels. Along with our Swiss army knife, this simple teaspoon has unlocked the pleasures of our favorite fruit (papayas) on the beach in the Maldives or at the Kuang Si Falls in Laos. This little spoon has become so important to us that we’ve now “acquired” a second one! Too bad for Madame Provodnitsa. If only she would smile more. Follow the NomadicBoys, Stefan Arestis and Sébestien Chaneac, at

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