ManAboutWorld’s Top Gay-Friendly Restaurants in Chelsea

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With only one Michelin-starred restaurant (Del Posto), Chelsea comes up a little short for fine dining. But it makes up for it with an abundance of solid restaurants, serving a broad range of cuisines to an eclectic neighborhood crowd. There’s no shortage of places to eat and drink on 8th Ave., while enjoying the scenic pedestrian flow of Chelsea muscle boys and club kids.

Here are five of the nearly 30 gay-popular restaurants we recommend in Chelsea. For a complete listing, check out ManAboutWorld’s ultimate guide to Gay New York  — available for free in the August/September issue of ManAboutWorld Magazine with a trial subscription on the App Store.

This little hole in the wall on 8th Ave at 18th St. in Chelsea is one of the most overlooked secret gems in the neighborhood that has hidden in plain site for over two decades. The menu changes little over the years and offers primarily specialties of Southwestern France. The courtyard dining area is tiny but magical: eight tables in a little garden that could be in Toulouse. Polish your French; the waiters seem fresh off le bateau.

This open airy dining room offers an appealing median between the ubiquitous ordinary sushi available on every block of the city, and the astronomical pricing of the top-rated Japanese eateries. Although they don’t take reservations, there’s rarely a long wait, other than during the 8pm dinner rush.

Foragers City Table
Attached to Foragers City Market, This dinner-only restaurant serves delicious Asian-inspired food. Friendly service and a warm, urbane atmosphere, including communal tables add to the experience. One quirk: they call the service “family style,” which really means, “we bring it as it’s ready.” Most of it is easily shared, although you may need to ask for serving utensils to do so. Don’t miss the lettuce herb noodles.

This is another Basque Tapas place in Chelsea, slightly more expensive than Tía Pol (those little plates quickly add up!), but delicious, and usually easier to get a table.

Co. (aka Company)
Known for their individual irregularly shaped (and peppery-dough) individual pizzas and great salads, this Chelsea hotspot is always packed so slip in early or in the middle of the afternoon and spread out at the large communal table.

For our gay-relevant descriptions of each restaurant, along with savvy shopping, dining, nightlife, sightseeing, hotel and entertainment recommendations and insider tips, check out ManAboutWorld’s complete guide to Gay New York  — available for free in the August/September issue of ManAboutWorld Magazine with a trial subscription on the App Store.

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