We Welcome Our Newest Global Correspondent: Jonas West Eilersen

By @ 09/16/12 in Gay travel, ManAboutWorld, Travel

Our newest correspondent is a young Danish businessman who lives in Tel Aviv, Israel, drawn to that country by love. Jonas West Eilersen travels the world, including gay capitals like London, NYC and Paris and decidedly less gay countries like Kazakhstan and Saudi Arabia.

Jonas is originally Scandinavian, from Denmark, where he shunned journalism school in favor of becoming a sociologist.

He spent six years acquiring his Sociology B.Sc. and M.Sc. at the University of Copenhagen, with extended stints in Sydney and Berlin during this time. After having worked as a management consultant in London, in the aviation and tourism industry, for close to five years, love brought him to Tel Aviv, Israel, where he currently resides.

Jonas is now the Director and CEO of RASK Travel, a luxury travel agency with offices in Copenhagen, Tel Aviv and Turin, Italy. Having traveled the world for both business and pleasure, he is an expert on both beloved gems like Berlin or Paris (he completed his MBA in the latter city), as well as on less common destinations, such as North Korea, Libya, Kazakhstan or Saudi Arabia.

Follow Jonas on Twitter at @RASKTravel or on Facebook.

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