ManAboutWorld Takes Over The Gulf Coast of Florida

By @ 12/11/14 in Gay travel, Kenny Porpora, ManAboutWorld, Travel

postcard innI arrived last night in Tampa, took a quick drive down 275-S to St. Pete, and checked into the Postcard Inn On The Beach, a funky, chic shack of a hotel right on the beach, and we mean it; the hotel property leads right into the sand and the Gulf Coast. The hotel has a quirky lobby of bookshelves, surfboards, cozy couches arranged in bright, beachy colors. The rooms are simple, with surf-themes, and we particularly loved the wall art that could be construed as two gay surfer boys holding hands. (Perhaps not, but that’s my story.) Flat-screen TVs, tons of outlets, strong WiFi, and a cheap eats snack shack on the beach next to a cabana of late-night loud music equals a great shabby beach hotel to start off the trip.

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