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ManAboutWorld’s beaming parents (from a page in the actual magazine available on the iPad.)

Launching a business inevitably takes longer and cost more than you expect it to.  So when Ed and I started planning the Inaugural Issue, we gave ourselves the broad goal of “Summer 2012,” and while we originally hoped to be out with a sneak peak issue in June, we soon realized it would become our August/September launch issue, which as of Tuesday, August 7th, went live on the App Store Newsstand.  Whenever I veered towards despondency over the delays and obstacles, I just googled the latest news on Citi Bike.  They also had the same launch goal… and Mayor Bloomberg behind them.  ManAboutWorld is just me, Ed and Kenny (who are both still working other jobs), with a supporting cast of Correspondents, contributors, contractors and cheerleaders, without whom we could not have done it.

It’s been a fascinating journey, which we will periodically write about here — in part to give much deserved credit to those people who helped us launch; in part to help others who might benefit from our experience, and in part to engage you, our members, in a dialog about how ManAboutWorld can best inform and inspire your own journeys.

If you haven’t gotten your copy of the inaugural issue yet, you can download it as a free trial from the App Store.  Please do, and let us know what you think.  We’re already hard at work on our next issue (October), and we’re eager to hear your feedback, suggestions, questions and criticisms.  Please share them in the comments here, and we’ll do our best to reply to each and every one of them.




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