Engaging Service: How Brands Fail LGBTQ Guests (Video/Webinar)

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Every year, Community Marketing, Inc (CMI), the trusted leader in LGBTQ research, organizes a series of LGBTQ marketing and diversity training webinars for their clients. CMI asked HospitableMe, ManAboutWorld’s LGBTQ sensitivity and sales training division to create a webinar about their services. Above is a video recording with audio of their presentation entitled:

Engaging Service: How Brands Fail LGBTQ Guests

Presented by: Ed Salvato, Billy Kolber & Kenny Porpora
Founders, ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

Hospitality brands (and some destinations) were among the first to implement diversity training for their customer-facing employees, but often still fail to provide personalized, connected, authentic service. Click on the video above to learn what’s next for brands who strive to fully and warmly engage LGBTQ customers. Learn more about HospitableMe below.

More about Hospitable.Me

With a deep background in consumer-facing LGBTQ travel, the Hospitable.Me team provides bespoke training for hospitality-focused businesses. We improve service for all of your customers, by helping people look beyond gender identity, sexual orientation and relationship status to focus on individual customers, their needs and preferences.

HospitableMe provides LGBTQ sensitivity and sales training for hospitality and tourism organizationsServices

Our training programs empower service providers to deliver inclusive, welcoming, personal service to ALL customers, with an understanding and appreciation of diversity. We provide real-world experience-driven skills and tools to ensure that your people can comfortably serve LGBTQ customers with dignity and respect. We work with sales teams to identify the products, services and benefits that will resonate for LGBTQ audiences, and the strategies to reach them.

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We’re always happy to talk about your business and how Diversity + Inclusion training might benefit it. Contact Ed.

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