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You know you want it!

If you’re not familiar with the iTunes Newsstand, getting to your free issue may seem complicated.  Let us make it easy for you.  Our free issue is delivered as a free one-month trial on the purchase of a ManAboutWorld subscription within the free ManAboutWorld App.  Getting it is simple, but requires a few steps:

1. Download the free ManAboutWorld Magazine App from the App Store.

2. “Purchase” an annual subscription.  We put “Purchase” in quotes, because you won’t actually be billed for a month.   So before you’re charged, you have a month to download the issue, read and enjoy it, and decide if ManAboutWorld is right for you.

3. If you love ManAboutWorld, your billed subscription will start on your auto-renew date.

4. If you don’t love ManAboutWorld, simply turn-off auto-renew 24 hours before your free trial ends, and you won’t be billed.

Extra bonus:   If you agree to provide your email address during the subscription process, you’ll get a 2-month free trial, with two free issues to decide if ManAboutWorld is for you.


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