Getting Lost in Venice

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veniceOur correspondent Louis Boshoff got lost in Venice. He highly recommends it.

Getting lost in Venice is not only an inevitability, it is obligatory. With it’s many small alleys and and twisting canals, it is easy to see why one can spend hours finding your hotel, restaurant or even your way back. Urban travelling in this city falls strictly into two categories: cheap and expensive, nothing in-between. The public Vaporetto and on foot is probably the most cost effective but for that bond like classy commuting experience you may like to put yourself out for a worthwhile bit more. In this famously time-warped city the Consorzio Motoscafi Venezia has now embraced the modern age and offer 24-hour and online booking service for transfers or excursions with the all the elegant luxury in which one would expect to be dropped off at your palazzo on the Grand Canal. The only downside to this celebrity style transport? Not getting lost of course…

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