Move Over “Cards Against Humanity”! “You Don’t Know My Life!” Makes Gay Game Night Personal

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Gay game night with Dennis Hensley and on ManAboutWorld gay travel magazineThe gay game

Try a gay game night next time you have a group getaway coming up–say P-Town, Palm Springs or Puerto Vallarta. Actually connect with your friends instead of just over-imbibing on everything and everyone being on their phones? Take along You Don’t Know My Life! a new party game co-created by ManABoutWorld contributor Dennis Hensley and game designer Jeb Havens.


The game was inspired by the offbeat questions Hensley developed over his years as a celebrity journalist for magazines like TV Guide, Out and The Advocate. A question is posed to the group, like “What kiss from your life felt like something out of a movie?” Everyone writes down a few sentences on a small sheet, the answers get mixed up and presented and then players take turns trying to guess who said what. Which one of your friends got a kiss on the cheek from an actual First Lady? Which got their tongue stuck in their prom date’s braces? Which kissed one of the Queer Eye guys in the back of an Uber? And once an answer is guessed, there’s always more to the story to gasp, drink and laugh over.

Gay game night with Dennis Hensley and on ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine“You spilled wine on Madonna!?”

So not only do you learn things about your longtime friends you never knew—“You spilled wine on Madonna? Really?”—but if you’re playing with people you’ve just met, you’ll feel like friends by the end. Travel-themed questions like: “When was a time you felt like you were in paradise?” “What’s something you’re really glad you have a photo of yourself in front of?” or “Vegas story. Go.” add to the good vacation vibes. And because the game box is about the size of a hardback novel, it packs easy, too. Learn more at

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Gay game night with Dennis Hensley and on ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

Here’s Dennis either doing yoga or praying you’ll buy his gay game! 🙂

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