“Fellow Travelers” — Must-See Cincinnati Gay Opera

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“Fellow Travelers” is an opera featuring a love story between the young Timothy “Skippy” Laughlin and the distinguished Hawkins Fuller during the Lavender Scare of the 1950s. The premiere show opened on Friday, June 17th to a sold out crowd at the Aronoff Center for the Arts in Cincinnati, Ohio, six days after the tragic Orlando shooting at Pulse night club.

(This report is from ManAboutWorld global correspondent Miles Griffis.)

The opera’s strong exploration of McCarthy era homophobia simultaneously tugged the audience to a woeful pa

Fellow Travelers, a gay-themed opera in Cincinnati and featured in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

st while reminding them of our devastating present. They were forced to ask what progress had occurred in sixty years. The silence and breathlessness after show’s impassioned conclusion echoed with an answer of hollow bewilderment, tears hanging on eyelids, ready to jump.

“Fellow Travelers” is a rare and unique gem among live performances. It’s a craft cocktail you can sip only once. With so few gay stories emerging from Hollywood or Broadway, “Fellow Travelers” is a handsome but brisk breeze that shows why our stories never reached the light of day, why they were buried anytime they sprouted. Why this opera sits on a thin bookshelf with Vidal, Baldwin, and Isherwood. Unlike those books printed on paper the painful story shouts, and harmonizes in a masculine libretto by Greg Pierce with music composed by Gregory Spears. It cannot be ignored.

 We deserve gay stories like Fellow Travelers. We deserve operas with characters we can relate to, that we might see ourselves in. We deserve tasteful love scenes between men like the three that occur between tenor Aaron Blake and baritone Joseph Lattanzi. Queer stories are the most important things we have. Without them we cannot form ourselves. Sip this rare cocktail and consider the story it tells. Get it before it is buried.

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