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A hunky street performer showing off his dance skills and strength  in Budapest, ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

A hunky street performer showing off his dance skills and strength

This report on Dreamy Budapest is brought to us by ManAboutWorld correspondent, Phil Rake.

The beauty of Budapest is like no other. A place so picturesque, it’s as if it were conjured in a poet’s dream. This beauty — the product of a rich and diverse history — pervades every aspect of the city, from the art and culture to the people and, of course, the amazing architecture. Influenced by a variety of styles (including Roman, Ottoman, Gothic, Baroque, Romantic, Art Nouveau), Budapest is home to some of the world’s most exquisite buildings, bridges, parks and sculptures. The past is very much alive in the architecture and the city is brimming with elegance and splendour. If you’re a traveller who loves to explore, then this Budapest is definitely for you. 

Budapest is also renowned for its spas and thermal springs, the waters of which are said to have healing properties. Some of the spas, like

Budapest skyline, ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

Budapest skyline

the Széchenyi Bath are truly stunning and offer visitors the chance to experience a tradition that dates back to Roman times. 

 But it’s not just about beautiful buildings and bathhouses. There is also music and opera, shopping, great cuisine, and a wealth of trendy bars, clubs and galleries. Budapest even has a small but thriving gay scene and the allure of the city has helped it to become one of the most fashionable European destinations for gay and lesbian travellers.

 A tip for our ManAboutWorld travellers: If you really want to experience the beauty of Budapest, then take a trip up to Fisherman’s Bastion at sunset. There is a moment just before dusk, when the sun begins to slip away behind the Buda Hills, setting the sky ablaze in hues of amber, pearl and pink. In the distance, the Hungarian Parliament Building glistens like a jewel whilst its radiant reflection dances on the mighty Danube. This is a spectacle that everyone should see at least once in their lifetime.

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