Dallas Gays Itself Up For Film Festival

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Austin has always been the blue dot in red Texas, but it’s Dallas’ burgeoning gay renaissance that has us eager to revisit this Lone Star city. For the second straight year, the annual Dallas film festival  has been a showcase of gay films that have taken over the headlines, highlighting an emerging trend of compassion for gay issues from a state known for its staunch conservative ideals.

Two major docu-dramas, ‘Queens & Cowboys’ – following a year in the life of a gay rodeo – and “Tomato Republic” – a fascinating portrait of a gay man running for mayor in uber-conservative (to out it mildly) Jacksonville– are two of several gay-themed films making waves and eliciting raves  from the festival’s increasingly liberal audience.

The festival begin earlier this week and runs through April 13. Spring is our favorite time to visit Dallas, and if you can’t make it for the festival, plan on going May 9-12 for Purple Party. Set up in 2001 as a fundraiser to help local residents living with HIV/AIDS, the Purple Party http://www.purplefoundation.org/ has become a wild celebration that draws folks from all over the area and beyond, one long party from the Opening Party on Friday to the Closing on Sunday (really, Monday morning).

Our insider coverage of Dallas can be found in our April 2013 guide here. 

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