Convents to Bathhouses: Ft. Lauderdale’s Gay Resorts

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Well, we didn’t exactly find any convents, but the editorial team at ManAboutWorld did find resorts that were pretty close to bathhouses … and almost everything in between. Not to mention all sorts of things that might make you squeal in delight. Or horror. Or both.

In choosing a gay resort, the “Sexual Temperature” is as important as the quality of accommodations — maybe even more important. So we spent two days in December inspecting all 19 of Ft. Lauderdale’s gay resorts (nineteen!) The results are plotted here, with our Palm Ratings of quality charted against our Flame Ratings of sexual temperature. (Click on the chart to enlarge it.)

The full report, along with our insider guide to Ft. Lauderdale’s restaurants, clubs, gyms, stores, bars, museums, sex clubs and gardens is in the January/February issue of ManAboutWorld Magazine. If you’re not a subscriber, you can download the issue as part of a free trial subscription on the AppStore, or you can become a ManAboutWorld member for free and download an old-school pdf of the full guesthouse reviews and ratings.

Have you been to a gay resort? What’s your ideal Sexual Temperature/Resort Quality combination?


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