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But what if you don’t like to ski, snowboard or slalom? Is Park City for someone who hopes the urge to exercise passes? Yes.

Even if you never venture outdoors, Park City offers a slate of attractions to pack a no carb burn itinerary. Spend time on Day 1 at the Park City Museum, a must visit for all visitors. Here splendidly detailed exhibits trace the city’s history to its origins as a tough mining town whose jail had the occupancy rate of a  swank Park City Hotel during Sundance.

Books on local history, as well on every other subject, fill the cozy, compact spaces ofDolly’s Bookshop, an independent store thriving since the 1970s. (For local color, try a thriller by Utah crime writer Michael Norman.) Color also splashes across canvases exhibited in Park City’s many galleries, its mountains and valleys a perennial attraction to painters and photographers. Rotating exhibits appear at the Kimball Arts Center, where you can also take one-day classes from resident painters, print makers and sculptors. The other arts thrive as well in several other city venues.

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