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Meet LGBT travel experts at the Dallas Travel & Adventure Show, April 1-2Meet the ManAboutWorld team at the Dallas Travel & Adventure Show April 1-2 at the Dallas Market Hall.

ManAboutWorld’s Ed Salvato will moderate a fun, information-packed LGBT travel panel at the Show on Sunday, April 2 11:45 AM-12:30 PM.

Register here for a free ticket but hurry we only have a limited supply.

All are welcome! Our booth provides information (and free guides) for all travelers (gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual and our straight ally friends). The panel is designed for LGBT travelers as well as travel professionals interested in learning about trends, destinations, tours, cruises and events. All you need is an open mind and the passion to travel. Join this interactive and informative panel with leading experts in gay, lesbian and LGBT family travel.

Our moderator, ManAboutWorld’s Ed Salvato leads a very well-traveled group in a lively discussion touching on new cruises and tours, not-to-miss events and up-and-coming hot spots around the world. Come with your travel questions. This is a session you won’t want to miss!

We’ll be covering the world of LGBT travel, which is big! But among the many takeaways, here are three:

  • Destinations to put on your must-go list in 2017 and beyond
  • Events around the globe that are popular with LGBT travelers
  • Travel opportunities for LGBT families
  • Cruises, tours and how best to work with a travel agent or tour operator

Travel experts include:

Meet ManAboutWorld's Ed Salvato at the Travel & Adventure Show in Dallas April 1-2

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Dallas Gay Pride in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

Dallas skyline at night

What better way to beat the ‘back to school’ blues than heading out of town to celebrate Dallas Gay Pride, September 18. And you thought Pride season was a wrap till next June. No Sirree! Dallas Gay Pride is one of the largest outside of the more expected June-July pride season. We covered it in the most recent issue of ManAboutWorld along with a number of other tours, events and destinations:

Now’s the time to get out there and celebrate Pride in the biggest, gayest way you can. Make a weekend of it during Dallas Pride. The community will be even more fun, friendly and welcoming than it normally is given the tragic event that unfolded in Orlando. Produced by the Dallas Tavern Guild, Dallas Pride consists of a series of events culminating in a boisterous parade on Sunday, September 18. Don’t miss the headliner, Erika Jayne from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills boasting 10 Billboard number-one dance hits.

The Dallas CVB offers specific trip-planning recommendations for your visit for Pride.

More from ManAboutWorld

To read all our event suggestions and loads more download our very cool digital gay travel magazine for smart phones and tablets only. Find the ManAboutWorld App on the iTunes App Store or Google Play. There are a few free publications in all of the apps, and you can click here to register for a FREE three-month subscription. Go on, what are you waiting for!

Photo by Daxis via Flickr Creative Commons

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Drink and Click™ Austin, Texas Visits The Bat Cave

Mississippi is currently trying to pass a Senate bill that would allow business owners to openly discriminate against gays. The bill, better known as “Mississippi Religious Freedom Restoration Act” had us wondering who the hell would want to visit Mississippi anyway when the American South is packed full of the country’s most exciting and beautiful cities.

So in honor of this preposterous, soon to be vetoed bill, we decided to name our top 5 favorite southern destinations that are not Mississippi.

1. Austin, TX

We covered Austin in our March 2013 issue, and for gays, it remains the mecca of the south. Tons of fun bars, clubs, nightlife, and culture have defined this weird city full of cute cowboys and eccentric charm

2. New Orleans, LA

You don’t need much convincing to visit New Orleans – this charming, crazy, up-all-night city is unlike any other in America; from its scenic bayous to its emerging food scene, NOLA is a national trendsetter, and its acceptance of gay rights is no exception. You can find our insider’s guide to New Orleans in our Oct 2012 issue.

3. Atlanta, GA

Atlanta is a liberal blue island in an otherwise mostly red conservative state. There’s a vibrant, approachable gay scene here filled with queer refugees from the entire region. You’ll find lots of LGBT venues to enjoy, (the best of which  you can find in our Sept. 2013 issue) with the only drawback being the driving distances between the most popular venues. And the food; my God, the food.

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Austin has always been the blue dot in red Texas, but it’s Dallas’ burgeoning gay renaissance that has us eager to revisit this Lone Star city. For the second straight year, the annual Dallas film festival  has been a showcase of gay films that have taken over the headlines, highlighting an emerging trend of compassion for gay issues from a state known for its staunch conservative ideals.

Two major docu-dramas, ‘Queens & Cowboys’ – following a year in the life of a gay rodeo – and “Tomato Republic” – a fascinating portrait of a gay man running for mayor in uber-conservative (to out it mildly) Jacksonville– are two of several gay-themed films making waves and eliciting raves  from the festival’s increasingly liberal audience.

The festival begin earlier this week and runs through April 13. Spring is our favorite time to visit Dallas, and if you can’t make it for the festival, plan on going May 9-12 for Purple Party. Set up in 2001 as a fundraiser to help local residents living with HIV/AIDS, the Purple Party has become a wild celebration that draws folks from all over the area and beyond, one long party from the Opening Party on Friday to the Closing on Sunday (really, Monday morning).

Our insider coverage of Dallas can be found in our April 2013 guide here. 

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