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What a year it was! Looking back on 2015 there were plenty of gay travel stories that got us excited. Here are a few that we enjoyed. Happy holidays to our subscribers, blog visitors, friends and followers. We hope you come back and visit our blog frequently and consider becoming a subscriber if you aren’t already. iPhone/iPad users tap here. Android users here.

Thawing of relations between Cuba and the United States

The thawing of relations between Cuba and the USA


Marriage busted out all over

This was before the legalization of same-sex marriage across the U.S. but it was a taste of thing to come and one of the top gay travel stories


Marriage busted out all over

Gay cruises are hotter than ever

This is from an Atlantis cruise

A hot couple on an Atlantis cruise as seen in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

A very hot couple on an Atlantis Caribbean cruise.


The NomadicBoys served up a year of amazing (and fun) gay travel stories

If you don’t know these bloggers, go follow them now. They traveled throughout Asia and shared many memorable experiences.

NomadicBoys top 10 favorite foods in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine in top gay travel stories


Gracious sexually fluid winner

Conchita even helped put Vienna back on the gay travel map.

Conchita Wurst as seen in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine and in top gay travel stories

The other lady in Gold

It was fun reviewing our photos. We only reposted a handful here. Please feel free to go back in our post.

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Steve Harvey’s epic gaffe at last night’s Miss Universe contest — where he mistakenly announced Colombia the winner when she was the runner-up (Miss Philippines went home with the crown, after all), got us thinking about Colombia and the Philippines. On the surface, they couldn’t be more different. Nearly 11,000 miles apart from each other, the countries are cultural, culinarily, religiously, economically and aesthetically unique. But if put to the test, would you know the difference?


Could Steve Harvey guess right?

So let’s take a walk in Steve Harvey’s shoes and see what you know about Colombia, the Philippines, and calling winners.

  1. The photo above depicts too typical street scenes from Bogota and Manila. Can you tell which is which?


2. The above photo is of two national dishes: the Bandeja Paisa of Colombia and the Adobo of the Philippines. Can you match the food with country?


3. There’s no place like the Philippines as far as world-class beaches go, but the coastal regions of Colombia are no slouch. Check out the two beaches above and see if you can tell one from the other?


4. We’ll leave you with an easy one. A country’s currency can is often so identifiable — do you know which bills belong to Colombia, and which to the Philippines?



Cheat sheet:

Q1: Top photo is Bogota; Bottom: Manila

Q2: Top: Colombia’s national dish; Bottom: Filipino national dish

Q3: Top: Cartagena beach; Boracay in the Philippines

Q4: Top: Filipino currency; Colombian pesos.

Whatever you do, don’t ask Steve Harvey!

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Myanmar as seen from a balloon in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine


Myanmar, the mysterious and intriguing country formerly known as Burma will be featured in an upcoming issue. Enjoy this first look now! ManAboutWorld associate editor Kenny Porpora visited Myanmar and brought back this initial photo reportage and answered a few questions for us.

  1. What did you love about visiting Myanmar?


Meeting the people and learning their history and traditions. The country has a violent history and has endured a centuries-long struggle, and you can see the impact it’s had in the faces of the people and the landscapes. Seeing how they live, in all forms, from poor rural villages to urban flats, was an incredible experience. We also soared over the ancient temples of Bagan which was unforgettable.

  1. What surprised you most about the destination?

The friendliness and openness of the people surprised me most. I wasn’t sure what to expect — whether they would be welcoming — but there was this unexpected sense of safety that followed me wherever I went. And also, the food. I’m not the most adventurous eater so I was taken aback by how much I loved the local street food (though I didn’t eat it off the street, and neither should you.)

  1. What were the people that you met like?

The people I met were beyond warm and hospitable. They knew their country and its history, and they loved their country. They were Buddhists of all types, some strict, some not so, but always willing to share what they’ve learned and invite you into their life a little.

  1. What do you know now that you wish you knew before your first trip?

I knew it would be hot in late-October when I went, but I didn’t expect such extreme heat. I would recommend a wardrobe of light t-shirts and shorts, especially if planning to walk around. I also wish I had know how quickly Yangon was developing, as I would’ve spent more time in the city. I’m told it might look quite different in just a few years.

  1. Favorite moment was…

Meeting the little kids, seeing them with their faces painted with sunscreen, and how excited they were to chat and have their photos taken.

6. Best time to go…

Probably the autumn months. Definitely avoid summer but anytime October-March should be beautiful.

7. Gay factor.

In the traditional sense, there’s not much of a scene, but you’ll see gay boys on the street, and there’s even a local doughnut shop in Yangon where all the gay guys hang out. It’s quiet and very unpronounced but it’s there.

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David Jarrett and his gay travel guides in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

David Jarrett and his gay travel guides

David Jarrett, show above, is a passionate traveler, photographer and collector of stamps, fine art and gay travel guides. He describes his collection of gay travel guides as the world’s largest. It’s difficult to verify but it is the largest we’ve ever seen and at 50 feet of shelf space, it’s undeniably huge.

He has complete collections of OUT & ABOUT, the premier gay travel newsletter first published in 1992, Passport Magazine and Out Traveler along with gay guides you’ve heard about and those you haven’t from countries all over the globe going back over half a century. It’s a gay traveler’s fantasy library. We found Damron, Spartacus and Fodor’s gay travel guides and many more. This collection is not yet available for public viewing though Jarrett says, “I am bequeathing all of my guidebooks (50 feet worth), my extensive sex diary and my sex trick photos to the ONE Archive in LA.”

The earliest guide in his collection dates from 1958. Below is an image of the Guild Guide from 1968.

According to David:

Also, over many years, I have made my gay guidebook collection available to serious gay researchers working on specific subjects. One researcher cataloged the changing gay neighborhoods in Manhattan, gradually moving from the Village, to Chelsea to now Hell’s Kitchen. Another incorporated some of the data in his master’s thesis. (Unfortunately, I haven’t yet seen anything published by them.)

Guild Guide from 1968 in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

Guild Guide from 1968

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A talented street entertainer in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

Kuala Lumpur entertainment

While eating in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, last night, a roving bang stopped by our table and commanded our attention.  The food was spicy and delicious along with a great entertainment and new friends from the UK and Australia.  This is why you travel:  A new experience. 

These photos were sent in by ManAboutWorld Global Correspondent Michael Siebert who said this is the area they were in last night:

Drag in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

Drag in Kuala Lumpur

For more of Michael’s posts, photos and words of travel advice, click here.

And here’s a word from our sponsor ManAboutWorld! 
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Beijing hutong via the NomadicBoys and ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

Beijing hutong

The “Hutong” of Beijing — narrow lanes forming a traditional residential area — is fast disappearing. Our friends Sebastien and Stefan of the NomadicBoys visited Beijing during their trek around Asia and brought back this photo of a very lively hutong which you can also see on their Facebook page.

Read more about their exploration of this hutong and others here.

You can check out our cool, digital gay travel magazine for savvy gay travelers by downloading the ManAboutWorldApp on the iTunes App Store or Google Play. We support iPads, Android tablets, iPhones and Android phones. There are a few free guides in all of the apps, and you can click here to register for a FREE three-month subscription. Go on, what are you waiting for!

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Mendoza, Argentina, wine-making capital in ManAboutWorld gay travlel magazineThe third in a three-part series on Argentina by ManAboutWorld correspondent,Michael Siebert, featuring Mendoza:

I have only been to Mendoza once and it was on my most recent trip to Argentina (October 2015).  I have never been a fan of tours.  In Mendoza, a wine tour, will set you back 260 USD/person or more for one day. I found this shocking and decided to do more research on my own.  I highly recommend avoiding most tours here and do some of your own thinking and planning.

Mendoza deserves a minimum of two days, but I would suggest three or more depending upon how much you like wine.  October to December is a fantastic time to visit because you avoid the crowds and the weather is perfect.  Please note that most vineyards prefer that you make a booking (your hotel can organize all of this for you) and I would highly suggest it because it will make your experience smooth and lovely.

Bodega Vistalba is an excellent vineyard to start your day and sample many of their gorgeous wines.  If you prefer champagne, then you must book a visit to CRUZAL.  Make a reservation for lunch at Ruca Malen for their 5- course degustation that will blow you away from taste to presentation.  Do not miss this culinary sensation and visual experience.  It is worth it.  

After doing all the math on all the different options of hiring your own car versus a driver, versus a tour, the “doing your own thing,” option was the cheapest and most flexible.  

Simply take a taxi wherever you wish to go in Mendoza (assuming you are only visiting vineyards and not making trips to the mountains and other sights).  The cost of a rental car ( 80 USD/day ) and the concern of driving intoxicated did not even come close the lesser cost of hiring a taxi and having no concerns over who is driving; furthermore, if you are with a group of 3-4 the cost will be dramatically less because the comparison was based upon a couple.  If you do like tours:  please consider a biking tour.  This is an excellent option with good guides.  There is a gay wine tour in Mendoza and it is run by the uniquely named Gay Wine Tours.

The cost of a private driver from the airport in Mendoza to the Valley is only 300 pesos approximately.  I would highly recommend staying in the valley and avoid the city center of Mendoza.  It is much more peaceful and serene to be in the Uco Valley Region.  I was very  happy at Villa Mansa and staff are so helpful and friendly.  

More in this series:

Photo: Manual Reinhard via Flickr

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Plaza de Mayo, gay Buenos Aires in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

Plaza de Mayo

ManAboutWorld correspondent Michael Siebert (below right) recently visited Argentina with stops in gay Buenos Aires and the wine-region of Mendoza. Here’s the first of three updates from his visit.

Everyone likes to call Buenos Aires, the Paris of South America.  Let’s be frank, it is nothing like Paris; in fact, it looks like Madrid.  There is dog shit everywhere and the sidewalks are a wreck so you have to look down at all times.  If you look at the sky or a hot guy, you will find yourself in pile of dog shit or in the hospital with a brace.  However, Buenos Aires is a city full of life, very late night life, but full of life and excitement.  I plan to give you all the best tips after three visits to this amazing city, the lovely and gay Buenos Aires.

I like to start the day with coffee.  Since living in Australia, I have become a coffee snob.  At least the Australians know I can be trusted.  Here are the best choices:

  1. Coffee.  

Full City Coffee House, Thames 1535, in Palermo.  The staff is lovely and they make the best macchiato in town.  The coffee isManAboutWorld correspondent Michael Siebert visited gay Buenos Aires, Argentinasmooth and rich.  In addition, they roast their own beans in another location in the city.  LAB, located at Humbolt 1542, Palermo, is also a barista school; however, I found their coffee bitter and the espresso was overly tamped and it was brewed automatically.  It is a nice, new lovely atmosphere.

Lattente Cafe on Thames 1891 in Palermo provides excellent coffee; however, no wifi, no newspapers, no other drinks, just good coffee. It is always packed.

  1. Gyms.  

Most gyms here have outdated equipment in Buenos Aires.  You are in Buenos Aires, so, behave like a local and hit the pavement and make your way to a park.  The best park to exercise at is Libertador Park, which is in the eastern part of the city; however, there are parks everywhere in the city.  This is a very noisy area of the city; so, you may want to stay nearby, but make a housing choice west of Av. Santa Fe.  Anything east of Av. Santa Fe you better bring your earplugs.  For those diabetics in the gay community, you can even get your blood pressure and blood sugar checked in the park.  Yes.  It is true.  If you really want a gym, then consider Always Gym (a monthly membership is 650 pesos) or Megatlon.  The 24-hour thing has not caught on here besides partying all night long.


Brandon, located at Fitz Roy 1722, is a gorgeous place to hang out and have a coffee, food or a strong Gante, artsenal Belgian beer.  The best part is this:  it is open all day long unlike most cafes.  If you are hungry, want a beer, coffee or anything, this is your signature spot.  

The Steve, El Salvador 4968, Palermo, is a cool hip tapas bar with a very unassuming entrance.  You can easily miss it.  You will be surprised what is behind the boring black door.  A reservation is suggested.

Heisenburger has two locations.  Clearly, the burger craze, has caught on in Buenos Aires.  This place has many choices and delicious unique burgers.

On Tap is for beer lovers and anyone who loves “chips”.  Being an “Aussie” now, I am  no longer allowed to say “french fries.“ In addition, you will be presented with six different dipping sauces.  

La Carniceria Parrilla and Ahumados.  Make a reservation!  I repeat, make a reservation.  Do not miss this opportunity to eat well in Buenos Aires. Trust me.  This is a small intimate venue with amazing food; then, go dance it all off at 2 AM somewhere.

  1. Nightlife

Alsina, Adolfo Alsina 940, is a monthly dance party (be sure to check dates) and definitely worth a visit.  More information here.

Crobar/Rheo, Av del Libertador 3886.  Rheo and Crobar are the same, just depends on the day that you choose to go.  Friday and Saturday nights are for dancing here.

Out and About Pub Crawl.  On my last Saturday in Buenos Aires, I decided to sign up for the local gay pub crawl.  It happens every Saturday and the locations may vary; in addition, it may include free entry into Crobar/Rheo.  Leo, our guide, was excellent and I made several new lovely friends (from all over the world) along the way.  Don’t miss out on this one.  A fantastic way to meet and make new friends in Buenos Aires.

Peuteo, Gurruchaga 1867, is a local small gay gay with excellent and attractive bartenders.  Peuteo was one of the bars on the Out and About Pub Crawl.

  1. Accommodations

Please stay for one week or two.  It is a sin to spend less time here.  

BY Argentina is great service that I have used two times and have been very happy with their service.  Reliable.  Responsible.  Easy.  You can book online; however, you must pay in USD upon arrival in full.  This is normal here.  Choose your area wisely online.  Remember what I said about noise.  Stay away from the big avenues.  

Hotels.  All hotels listed are in great quiet locations (Palermo area) and convenient to many locations that I have discussed in this article.

Hotel 1828, Fray Justo Sta. Maria de Oro 182.  Small boutique hotel with a lovely pool and very comfortable beds.

Hotel Nuss, El Salvador 4916.  An old Spanish convent converted into a small trendy hotel.

Hotel Mine, Gorriti 4770.  Small boutique “green” hotel in with excellent staff.

We’ll publish more Buenos Aires information on this site in the next few days including Michael’s exploration of San Telmo and a visit to the wine-soaked Mendoza region. Be sure to check back! 

Update December 2: Here’s part 2 of gay Buenos Aires focusing on the San Telmo neighborhood.

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Scruff venture in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

To mark the five-year anniversary one of the World’s largest apps connecting gay men worldwide, SCRUFF announced new features to keep you safe while traveling and to help you travel better. Reported by ManAboutWorld correspondent Jeff Guaracino.

Gay men are travelers, so it is no surprise that SCRUFF launched SCRUFF Venture, a groundbreaking feature that redefined the “hook up” app space helping to distinguish SCRUFF apart from Grindr, Tinder, Daddy Hunt and other mobile apps. SCRUFF set out to create a connection for gay men who travel. In the first week, 20,000 trips were created, dozens of premier events listed, and hundreds of Airbnb listings. 24 destinations and counting are now featured.

“Travel has been a core use of SCRUFF,” said Eric Silverberg, one of the co-founders of Scruff. “To meet local people when you arrive in town to get advice, to hook up, to make friends in a city on an event weekend. It was very early on that people started describing how they were using scruff while they travel.”

Silverberg tells a story of a friend who went on a whirlwind global trip. He was in India, Cambodia, Jordon, and Great Britain. He used Scruff –especially in Jordon and Cambodia–before he even arrived. He found guys to talk to on Scruff so when he landed he had someone ready to meet up to take him around. He went to gay bars to house parties and a tour of the desert for four days. (Be careful who you meet online! They are still strangers).

Silverberg said, “Unlike most straight travelers, gay guys befriend one another quickly and are comfortable sightseeing and spending the day with fellow travelers they have just met.”

Photo: Brian via Flickr

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The Warwick Rowers, in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

The Warwick Rowers

Whether you like the sexy Warwick Rowers expose or finding out why OUT Magazine honored President Obama & the Congressional Cemetery honored the preeminent LGBTIQ movement leader Frank Kameny in Washington on Veterans Day, you can find all the best LGBTIQ travel news & views in this week’s brief. Travel to Berlin and use Two Bad Tourist’s Gay Guide to Europe’s most popular city or take one last glimpse at Seattle’s Gum Wall before it’s washed away.

Plus information about OutRight’s December OutSummit, engaging with global activists in New York and this weekend’s Trevor Project Fall Fete benefit.

Click here for this week’s GAYography brief.

A vital resource for LGBTIQ travelers, focusing on news, vacation insights, advocacy and current events in major cities around the globe, the GAYography brief is published every Thursday. This brief is brought to you by ManAboutWorld global correspondent and all around good guy, Ashton Giese

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Source Events cruise to Croatia, Ask the Expert, ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

Source Events cruise to Croatia

Get all your gay travel questions answered in ManAboutWorld which includes an “Ask the Expert” section along with page after page of answers to questions you didn’t even know you had. Ask the expert is your opportunity to have your gay travel questions answered by well-traveled passionate globetrotters. Ask your question here.

QUESTION: A little bit of long-range planning. I’m planning to travel next summer or fall on my own for the first time since my partner of 26 years died. I would like to be among fellow gay men though not in a huge crowd of them,  and I’m not necessarily looking to hook up or meet a new potential boyfriend. I’m really just looking for camaraderie. Do you have any recommendations for travel opportunities that are single-person friendly? Any other advice for a newly solo traveler?

— Dennis F. in-person question

ANSWER: One of the most satisfying tours I took as a solo traveler recently was on a Source Events cruise aboard the Star Clipper, a five-masted luxury yacht along the Dalmatian Coast (Montenegro and Croatia). It was manageably small though not too small: 250 passengers. I found everyone friendly and approachable. It was my second Source cruise and the vibe was the same both times so I’m confident you’ll be very comfortable. I spoke to so many men who say that this is one of the prime sources of meeting new friends and maintaining friendships. One note: Cabins and pricing is based on double occupancy so you’ll have to ask to be placed with a cabin mate or pay the “single supplement,” the additional price for traveling alone.

QUESTION: My partner and I live outside of Boston and are looking for a quick but dependably warm-weather getaway for New Years. We don’t have much time but we already anticipate needing to escape the gray and cold of New England in late December.

— Bart W., via email

ANSWER: Check out the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club in Bermuda. It’s located in Hamilton so you don’t really need a car if you stay just for a couple of nights. It’s a direct 1.5-hour inexpensive flight from Logan Airport. Marcus, the new eponymous restaurant by chef Marcus Samuelsson, is fabulous. And we checked availability at the hotel. It’s pricey but not as expensive as some of the equivalent resorts in St. Barths and other tony Caribbean locales which are a lot farther and more difficult and expensive to fly to. For more information about Bermuda, download our May 2013 issue.  Note that at this time of year, the temperatures are really nice for outdoors activities (70 degrees Fahrenheit) but not ocean-swimming weather!


Hamilton Princess, Bermuda, Ask the Expert, ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

Hamilton Princess

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ManAboutWorld's November cover: the pulsating skyline of Miami at night.

Miami, our November cover

Blink and it’s November! Seems like it’s still summertime. We love the unseasonably warm weather enveloping most of the U.S. as we go to press, but it’s not helping us mentally prepare for the cold ahead. Where mother nature fails, ManAboutWorld delivers though with our up-to-the-minute guide to Miami, an easily accessible, gay-popular destination that’s undergoing an exciting transformation.

Download ManAboutWorld to discover a city bursting well beyond gay-centric South Beach. Wynwood is home to some of the most exciting galleries on the planet, especially at this moment when they’re preparing for next month’s Art Basel, which we also cover this month. Brickell feels like the capital of Latin America, filled with dining, drinking and hobnobbing. And discover some of the most exciting new hotels in the country that have recently opened their doors, a number of them located in Miami’s newly emerging Mid-Beach district.

In winter, not everyone flees to warm-weather destinations. Some people actually run towards the cold. Gleefully. For you we present a

Aspen gay ski week in ManAboutWorld (gay travel magazine)-November issue which also includes Miami

Aspen gay ski week

hot list of cool snowy events encircling the globe. Aspen Gay Ski week is still the daddy of all gay winter events, and it seems to be getting better with a reinvigorated leadership and truly welcoming vibe. We’re proud to be media partners with this event which benefits a number of worthy LGBT community organizations.

Have you seen our new Radar section? These are discoveries around the globe sent in by our correspondents and friends. We encourage you, dear readers, to send us your discoveries, which you may see included in an upcoming issue. Use our “Contact us” page on the blog. 

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Sardinia' stunning beaches and more in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

This past summer, passionate traveler and founder of the award-winning seminal gay travel newsletter OUT&ABOUT, David Alport traveled to Sardinia with his partner and a couple of gay friends. Luckily they brought the gay (since there’s not much of a scene there) but they did discover Sardinia’s stunning beaches, delicious cuisine and warm hospitality.

  1. Why did you choose to go to Sardinia?

Sardinia rose to the top of my list because my good friend Simone grew up there and offered to host six of us at his family’s home. I was also excited to see a less touristy part of Italy, where we had a better chance of soaking up a real slice of Italian life. Oh, and finally there was the call of Sardinia’s famous turquoise blue sea and spectacular beaches … it was hard to argue with that.

  1. Who did you travel with?

I always say that the single most important factor in a travel experience is who you go with. For this trip, I went with my partner Jake and two other couples, both of whom I adore. Needless to say, we had a blast. Because Sardinia is a pretty low-key place, I suggest traveling there with friends rather than solo.

  1. What surprised you most about Sardinia?

Sardinia is a very simple island. While boasting many of Italy’s assets — great food, physical beauty, amazing shoreline — its charms are more subtle than the rest of Italy’s. Visiting Sardinia is about slowing down and relaxing. Tourist life is entirely focused on the beach, and if you don’t truly enjoy beach-going, Sardinia is not for you. I was a bit surprised by how provincial the island felt, which was actually a wonderful discovery. The one exception to this is on the Costa Smeralda (Emerald Coast) on the northeast corner of the island, where the richest of the world’s rich bring their yachts and fabulosity. A couple days is all you need here, but if you want to experience the lifestyles of the rich, do put it on your list.Sardinian Beach Scene in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

  1. What is Sardinia’s the gay community like?

There are gay people everywhere, of course, but Sardinia is not about the gay scene. Costa Smeralda is by far the most international spot, but it doesn’t have much of a gay vibe. Down in Cagliari, the island’s capital and biggest city, there is a vibrant street scene at night, and some bars where gays are more likely to gather. But there are not really any gay bars here. The Sardinians, like most Italians, are a bit more closed about their gayness.

  1. Favorite moment was…

Every day held the same favorite moment: Arriving on a new beach that was even more spectacular than the one before it. Sardinia will simply floor you with the beauty of its coastline.

  1. Best time to go to Sardinia

Summer is when you want to be in Sardinia. May, early June and September are the perfect months because it is a bit cooler, but I personally love a hot day, which it is throughout the peak summer months of July and August.

  1. Gay factor

As noted, it’s very low. But you will not feel uncomfortable.

Al fresco dining in Sardinia, in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

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Warwick Rowers at an OutThere Great Britain party in Manhattan and in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

Warwick Rowers

The Warwick Rowers, invited by Great Britain tourism to celebrate a collaboration with OutThere Magazine, flew to an event in New York City on Thursday, November 5. We had to share this photo from the event.

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Gay travel deal: Watching Toronto gay pride from ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

Watching Toronto gay pride

Here’s a gay travel deal for you: Did you know that the Canadian dollar has depreciated significantly? In fact the exchange rate as of now is about $1 US to $1.32 CAD. Essentially your US greenback goes about 30% further in Canada. Eat, sleep and play one third more right now.

Another great nearby (for our US readers) gay travel deal? Mexico. You’ll get over 16 pesos for each US dollar. What are you waiting for? Start planning now. Download ManABoutWorld on the iTunes App Store or Google Play and get all our recommendations in Canada, Mexico and over 100 other destinations.

We support iPads, iPhones and Android devices. There are a few FREE publications in all of the apps and you can click here to register for a FREE three-month subscription. Go on, what are you waiting for!

Photo: Alex Thomson via Flickr.

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Cyc spin class at the Row Hotel NYC, one of the boutique fitness studios in NYC

Cyc spin class at the Row Hotel NYC

Working out is an essential part of a getaway for many gay visitors. The problem in NYC is that  the hotel “gym” is often a depressing windowless room with a few treadmills and dumbbells and perhaps a Bosu ball. On your next visit, make a reservation for a high-energy class at one of these great boutique fitness studios. You’ll stay fit, burn (on average) 500 to 1,000 calories and possibly meet your next short-term boyfriend. We visited these five in Chelsea/Flatiron (the “fitness district”) and Hell’s Kitchen. Swipe all the way down for handsome local spin instructor (and actor) Jared Poulin’s top tips for visitors preparing for a new fitness class.

Flywheel Chelsea 

Cost: $34

Premise: Cycling class with precise measurement of effort and displayed real-time results to increase motivation

Flywheel Sports integrates technology in the form of an accurate mechanism describing  torque (resistance) and RPMs (revolutions per minute). An opt-in system allows you to compare your performance to others in the class on an overhead screen, which stimulates a competitive boost. Mid-way through class participants use weights for upper body. Instructors are all well-trained; though we like Jared Poulin’s class. Check his top tips for preparing for a class by swiping to the bottom of this article. Flywheel provides clip-in shoes, towels, water bottles and fruit.

Exhale Spa Flatiron/Chelsea
Cost: $37

Premise: Core Fusion Extreme: the fat-blasting, muscle-sculpting, high intensity interval training workout

This is the most intense of all the (very intense) classes we experienced. The fitness studio is divided into five sections with five stations at each section; 25 participants move through each station twice with two sets per station. Do the math. It’s insane. The instructors somehow manage to keep an eagle eye on each participant while coordinating the entire overall class. Bring your own water. Towels provided. Have a friend pick you up after: You may be a bit wobbly.

CYC Fitness at Row NYC 

Cost: $28

Premise: High-energy, highly-trained “cycologists,” (instructors), amazing music and lights

Cyc instructors are fit, energetic and attentive. The pulsating music and lighting are coordinated to maximize motivation of cyclists. Mid-way through class participants use weights for upper body. We were spoiled by Flywheel’s technology so the one drawback is not knowing your exact torque and RPMs but you will exit the studio sweaty and happy. Hop upstairs to City Kitchen’s multiple food stalls  for a post-workout calorie binge. Cyc provides clip-in shoes, towels and water bottles.

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As seen in ManAboutWold, the gay digital travel magazine

The stunning Mediterranean coast of Tel Aviv

Drum roll….please! Tel Aviv tops WOW Travel’s list of gayest destinations in the world, which features amazing LGBT-thriving cities like Berlin, London, Sao Paulo, and Toronto.

According to the article, “Right at the heart of the Middle East, lies a city called Tel Aviv. A bubble of sanity in an otherwise difficult and tense area. Tel Aviv, a city blessed with year-round sunshine and white sandy beaches, is one of the most liberal cities in the world. It is the most gay friendly city, not only in the Middle East but in the entire world. This vibrant city is an undisputed queer capital of the Middle East, It offers a 24/7 non-stop activities, all year round great weather, great food, gay beaches and infinite of gay bars and night clubs. Every June Tel Aviv is celebrating the Gay Pride week, week of celebrations and happenings throughout the city with Pride Expo (Gay Culture Fair), LGBT Theater festival, LGBT Film Festival and the famous Pride Parade which is one of the most colorful gay parades in the world.”

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As seen in ManAboutWorld, the digital travel magazine

The colorful row of San Francisco victorians

A new article from USA Today’s Road Warrior Voices blog highlights the new ‘Journey’s function of AirBnb – where for an additional cost your local, insider host will not only put you up for the night, they’ll plan your entire trip, including a Lyft to and from the airport, local hotspots for dining and going out, and some hidden gem sightseeing.

“So basically they’re not going to take you to Fisherman’s Wharf or to see where D.J. Tanner lived,” the article says.

“The service, called Journeys, would allow local hosts to create experiences for Airbnb guests, which are then part of a full package that includes a Lyft from the airport and an Airbnb that has been selected for the participants. The cost of these “handcrafted trips” would also include one meal a day. For the test period in San Francisco, trips are either three or five days and have price tags that range between $500 (for one guest) and $750 (for two).”

Check out the full article here:

Photo credit: Thomas Hawk

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It used to be that you’d get all dressed up to go to the airport. The flights had leg room and real food served on dish ware. Nowadays, most flight experiences aren’t quite as classy, and this article seems to think it could be getting worse.  A look into American Airlines and their future of no-frills flying.

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A recent New York Times article shined a spotlight on the gay app SCRUFF, outing it for being more than just a hook-up app; in fact, it’s a smart, sophisticated travel tool focusing on community building and safety.

“For gay travelers, a GPS-enabled dating app can prove quite useful when away from home,” the article said. “Land in Miami or Madrid, fire up Scruff or Grindr and, voilà, immediately find a bunch of guys in the area who are available for dates or casual hookups. But with its latest update, soon to be released, Scruff is more fully incorporating travel with the introduction of a feature called Scruff Venture.

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