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Our LA-based (Wo)ManAboutWorld Global Correspondent Leyla Farah travels frequently. She recently visited Puerto Vallarta and wanted you to know that despite reports to the contrary, this Mexican port city is still a fabulous place to visit. You just have to know where the new hotspots are.

We know, we know. Puerto Vallarta, or PV as it’s affectionately known, has been done. The beaches, the boardwalk, the sculptures, the church, the bars. Been there, done that. PV has been a gay-friendly destination for so long that most of us checked it off of our to-do list long, long ago. But PV just might be worth a second look if you’re willing to approach it from a new angle.

The swanky district of Conchas Chinas (literally “Chinese Shells” — named for a type of sea shell found only on the local beaches) is just south of the PV most people know. Locals refer to the area as “The Hills” (as in “The Beverly Hills of Puerto Vallarta”). Just a 20 minute cab ride from the city center, it’s worlds away from the congestion, pollution, aggressive vendors and drunk tourists that can give PV a bad name.

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