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Well, from this angle it doesn't look *that* bad!

Well, from this angle it doesn’t look *that* bad!

Our man in the field, London resident and ManAboutWorld Global Correspondent Ben Rossignol was disappointed with last year’s Gay Pride celebration in the United Kingdom’s capital city. He’s hoping this year’s (scheduled for June 23 to July 1 with more information at London Pride) improves. In his words:

About 3 million LGBT’s call London home, making it Europe’s biggest gay town. With such a vibrant population, one would think London Pride would be the highlight of Pride month in Europe. However, year after year, Londoners flee to nearby capitals on Pride weekend, resulting in average numbers and disappointing events. Did the London gays already party enough in their city all year long? Is the UK weather to blame once again?

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Here’s Ben:


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