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By @ 11/13/12 in Africa, Gay travel, JuanCarlos Medina Gedler, ManAboutWorld, Marrakech, Morocco, Parting Shots, Travel

We received some amazing images for our Parting Shots section in the magazine (that’s the last section of ManAboutWorld featuring photos our readers send us based on a theme).

The theme was “Markets.”

The image above was sent to us by JuanCarlos Medina Gedler, a tireless curious world travel/documentary photographer (as well as one of our correspondents).

This Moroccan image of spices for sale in the medina were taken in Marrakech.  Other images (not shown here) portray many other goods such as hats and clothing laid out on the ground just outside walls of the souk by the merchants that can not afford to have an establishment inside the Medina at the souk. Also you can see many colorful fruit and vegetable carts around Marrakech pulled by donkeys.

Keep checking back this month for the stories behind the Parting Shots.






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