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Travel hell in ManAboutWorld magazine as part of 20 questions with expertsManAboutWorld editors and correspondents travel. A lot. And we’ve seen it all. The good, the bad and the almost unimaginable. To learn from laugh at … er, of course we mean with … our road-ripping writer friends, we asked them 20 questions ranging from silly to serious, including #4: What’s your travel hell?

Travel Hell

Our most frequent-traveling travel-industry friends have revealed a rather dainty side with several admitting that traveling in coach or camping is like Dante’s 7th circle! For the other six circles, read on! Let us know your own version of travel hell and don’t forget to get your 1-month trial subscription to ManAboutWorld for only $1!

Robert Sharp, Owner, Out-Adventures

A giant motorcoach tour.

Niazi Rubez, ManAboutWorld Correspondent

Anywhere with children.

Tom Roth, President and Founder, Community Marketing & Insights

Economy seating on long haul flights is my travel hell. I gladly clocked a zillion miles in economy exploring the world through the years, but for the past five years or so, I’ve used miles, upgrades and favors to pretty much sit/sleep in forward cabins on flights across oceans or between continents. It makes a huge difference to both destination and return assimilation. I wouldn’t say I “won’t” travel in back if that was all that was available to a destination I wanted to visit, but I’ll kick and scream to avoid it.

Jeff Guaracino, Co-author, Handbook of LGBT Tourism & Hospitality Marketing: A Guide for Business Practice

Coach class

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