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We’ve learned from experience that LGBT businesspeople and entrepreneurs face added pressures not only in the workplace but especially when they travel for business — being expected to perform at high levels amid uncertainty.

On April 25, we published the first LGBT Guide to Business Travel. As you know, business travelers have little discretion in where they go for work and for LGBT business travelers this experience can be more than confusing; it can be downright frightening. Imagine traveling to a nation like Uganda — one of 76 countries where LGBT conduct can be criminalized. Something as simple as communicating to your partner on social media raises caution flags. How do you stay connected? Meeting local LGBT people privately may put you at risk of violence or possibly to locals if in public. Who can you trust about your identity whether it is people you meet or your own employer while traveling for business? The Guide covers everything from common questions, such as choosing to be open at work, but also serious concerns about personal safety.

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