Brazilian ManAboutWorld Visits Colombia

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Rangel soaking in the Caribbean waters surrounding San Andrés island, Colombia.

Our São Paulo-based correspondent (businessman and former model), Rangel Vilas Boas visited Colombia recently with his husband Tomás. Here’s a photo report he sent us after his trip.

On our first day on the island of San Andrés, we rented a golf cart and drove all the way around the island. There are a lot of activities you can enjoy all over, and at one point you can jump from a rock directly in the sea, very fun (see below)!

 MORE PHOTOS AFTER THE JUMPVilas Boas and his husband, Tomás.

Tayrona Park – is an incredible park, preserved and with restrict access (you need to pay a tax of 45000 pesos, not more than 6 dollars). You reach the park by boat or bus, but by boat is funniest. Incredible beaches and good if you like to walk inside the forest (be prepared for 2 hours of walking, I didn’t like soooo much!)

 Cartagena – the city is a cultural heritage, there’s a historical part of the city, very charming and romantic. But only this, the gay clubs was worse. Actually, you only find good gay clubs in Bogotá.


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