Around The World With Paul and Jose: Packing For 87 Days

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ManAboutWorld Global Correspondent Paul Teixeira is preparing for a fabulous global adventure. He agreed to document his trip here with highlights from many destinations around the world. In his own words:

The time has come and we are all packed for our 87 day journey. You are probably wondering how one packs for something like this and we think the answer is simple; We are traveling light and with 24 flight segments, we don’t want to mess with checking luggage.

So we have 1 international carry-on each and a travel back pack. Of course we opted for style (and function) each getting a Tumi Alpha Bravo Knox Backpack and a Victorinox Spectra carbon fiber carry-on. We’ve condensed down to the TSA approved liquids and grooming gear, an assortment of all the meds we may need, and since we have accommodations with laundry facilities, carefully selected clothing for a week (An ultralight down hoody, 6 T-shirts, 2 polos, 1 tank-top, 1 button down, 2 shorts, 3 jeans, 1 slacks, 1 workout attire, 10 socks/undies, 1 belt, 1 sneakers, 1 semi-formal shoes, 1 board-shorts, and of course 1 speedo).  Bon voyage!

Follow their travels here and on their blog,

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