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Someday there’ll be an app that books your flight and hotel, rents you a car, drives you to the airport, checks you in, upgrades you, flies you safely to some exotic European coastal town, and serves you a drink (and let’s you know how much to tip!) But until that day, here are five or six apps that do ALL of those things, only separately. And they’re free! We recently set out to find the most helpful travel apps on the market, the ones that keep you organized, on time, and well-hydrated so you can focus on experiencing your travels without worrying about tickets, clunky confirmation numbers, gate changes, and the myriad of headaches that comes with the adventure. Here’s what we found:


KAYAK’s been around a while and it’s our first stop when booking a hotel or flight – it’s the most efficient aggregator we’ve found and usually lands us a solid price. (It also has surprising information about currency conversion and even has tips on food options at airports.) HOTEL TONIGHT has snagged us some great deals but we’ve also found it a handy app when we’re in a hotel emergency – the app can find you tremendous same-day  prices should you ever find yourself in a city without a place to crash.


TripIt is your best friend before the day of your flight. You forward all of your confirmation emails to – we’re talking flight info, rental car, hotel, check-in times – and TripIt created a detailed, easy-to-use itinerary for you, with all of your information organized for you. It makes your trip manageable so you’re not rummaging through old emails searching for confirmation numbers at the last minute.


GATEGURU is a time saver once you get checked-in, with a user-friendly interface that helps keep you informed of security wait times, flight delays, gate changes or layover time adjustments.


WAZE is great when you’re driving in a new place – be it domestic or international – a community based navigation tool, where users update the app to inform drivers of traffic jams, closed streets, and accidents, and the app automatically reroutes you to go around the blockage to get you to your destination as quickly as possible.


So, you’ve booked your flight and hotel, made it to the airport, boarded your plane, and arrived successfully? What else is there to do besides celebrate with a much deserved cocktail. But how much should you tip at a bar in Tel Aviv? Good question. GLOBETIPPING does the dirty work for you, an app that specializes in foreign currency and what constitutes a culturally acceptable tip from nation to nation.

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