AA’s New Design: We Love It, Hate It and Sort of Like It

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AA logoAmerican Airlines recently unveiled its new design which is evident in their airline fleet as well as their website, ticket, signage and other customer-facing marketing collateral.

Beyond the superficial, there are big changes planned, but they have just begun. They’re upgrading everything — more new planes on order than any other carrier — delivery of 3/month, plus a completely new lie-flat business class, digital entertainment and power at every seat in economy, tablet-enabled flight attendants, upgraded bedding and sleepwear in first class intercontinental flights, new flight attendants and new customer service training — but it’s just starting to phase in — the current state is old planes, old grumpy crew, and just a sub-standard experience all around.

The new design is just part of it, but we think the point of making a big deal about it is to call attention to all of the changes that are planned, to help staunch the desertion of frequent travelers who have grown weary of how bad things are at AA.

We polled our network of frequent flying Global Correspondents to get their impressions. Not surprisingly, some loved it; some liked it; and some just plane hated it! Read on.


I love the new look, I’ve been loyal to American since day one, 2 million miles flown and Platinum forever.  To me it looks like they are incorporating the US Airways look into the AA new scheme as it sounds like the merger will go forward. The new look is refreshing and long overdue!

Jon Makhmaltchi

Love it! American needed a new look to match its fabulous first class.

Jeff Guaracino

Great! It has a much cleaner  in design than before. And more “global” too.

Niazi Rubez


I like it, I don’t love it – the current/old livery and look are certainly nicer. I’d really have appreciated a less radical overhaul of the visual identity. Still, not bad.

Jonas West Eilersen

It’s OK. Mediocre really. Their logo will in no way influence me to hit a ride on their horrible fleet of dated and sour-faced attendants. To be more specific regarding the logo. It’s not very original. It ordinary and expected.

Michael Siebert

I like the new logo that keeps the core elements of AA and gives it a ‘friendlier’ look and the new shiny grey paint job most likely preferred to the old transparent coat due to the requirements of the new carbon based fuselages.. But not too sure yet about the uber visible G.I. Joe tail.

Travis Ferland


Could they copy British Airways any further? The flag – the brand name style…have BA bought AA? Need any more comments?

Ryan C. Haynes

For an airline that has publicly announced its intense turmoil over the past few months who is known for less than mediocre service has emerged with an underwhelming makeover.  This is a perfect example of why American Airlines has suffered so poorly; The executives at American Airlines and their “tastemakers” of their marketing department are leading he company in the wrong direction.

Dane Steele Green

I hate it. Not well designed or sophisticated. All it’s missing is George Washington riding a bald eagle.  😉

Paul J. Heney

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