A Gay Boy In North Korea…Well, Sort Of

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Last year sometime, while at a travel conference on the Upper East Side, we found ourselves engaged in a conversation with representatives of North Korea’s tourism bureau, chatting about potential opportunities to travel throughout the mysterious country. Our interested in visiting the heavily politicized nation is not unique – the number of American visitors now makes up 25% of all Western visitors year round to North Korea. But for those who can’t make it but still hold that curiosity, there’s a new app on the market that allows you to visit from the convenience of your iPhone.

London-based Uniquely Travel recently launched the app with more than 350 geo-tagged destinations by a satellite imagery expert to give a fascinating peek inside the country; you can even compare prices, get the lowdown on history, and learn about cultural differences.

And so, this morning, we headed off for North Korea from the comfort of our West Hollywood office, turned down streets, explored neighborhoods, and saw some of the 500 statues of their fallen leader, Kim il-sung. The app is a fascinating piece of travel technology that gives a glimpse inside this seldom seen world. (And rumor has it, Iraq and Libya may be next to receive the app treatment.)

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