“6 of 1” — Confessions Of A Gay Cruise Director

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On deck on my first ship, The Royal Princess in St. Thomas, circa 1987

On deck on my first ship, The Royal Princess in St. Thomas, circa 1987.

Our correspondent Dennis Hensley is a multi-hyphenate: writer, filmmaker, entertainer … but he’s just added one more: audiobook author. Here he talks about his latest project, creating a mini e-book for a brand new imprint by Ponies + Horses Publishing.

A little over a month ago, I was approached by a writer and editor named Aefa Mulholland about a e-book she was going to publish through her new company Ponies + Horses. She asked if I would like to write a true travel-related story related for a compilation called “6 of 1.” I said yes. 

The result is Mariner’s Club Mixtape, a 6,500-word mini e-book about my days as a cruise ship dancer/cruise staffer in the late 80’s and early 90’s and the songs that take me back to that time.

The virtual jacket blurb describes it this way:

In Mariner’s Club Mixtape, Hollywood writer, performer and filmmaker Dennis Hensley puts together a mixtape that soundtracks a flotilla of romances and relationships, friendships and first times, hookups and letdowns from his five years working as an entertainer on cruise ships in the ’80’s and ’90’s. From a one-night stand in Hong Kong to stowing away for love in British Columbia to surviving Alaska, Dennis recounts his adventures, with a little help from George Michael, Janet Jackson and, of course, Madonna.  

The whole thing happened so fast and I was a little raw when I wrote it so it’s a little edgier and more vulnerable than my past work but hopefully, there’s a few laughs in there, too. I like to think of it as a virtual valentine to a magical time in my life and the people and places that were a part of it.

Check out lots of cruise stories (and get great cruise-planning information) in our March 2015 issue.

Buy it here. Click below to read more about “6 of 1” and Ponies + Horses Publishing

Travel 6 of 1:

Available as individual, standalone books or as an anthology, this series contains stories that stretch right from the moment Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 4.09.11 PMof birth to the sometimes surprisingly colorful business of death. There are tales of arrivals and departures, beginnings and endings, ships that have sailed and ships that have come in. There are stories of festivities perched on the brink of a war zone, on the brim of the Mediterranean and on the banks of the Mississippi. Our authors have contributed tales of Accra, Ghana; Valencia, Spain; Memphis, Tennessee; Damascus, Syria; plus a mixtape of port calls and cruise jobs from Hong Kong to Alaska through the Panama Canal and on to the Caribbean; and a journey that perhaps travels further than any of the others, yet doesn’t leave Boston, Massachusetts. These accounts come from both established travel writers with an incredible way with words and from exciting new voices that you’ll be hearing much, more from.

About P+H:

P+H Books are based in Glasgow, Scotland and Toronto, Canada. We specialize in non-fiction, particularly travel, memoir, biography and humor, for adults and children.

Gallop after P+H on Facebook or Twitter @PoniesNHorses.

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